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$#$%#$ Seems like userporn is down as well…. This is %^&&%! All the new i uploaded before for nothing… Anyway if anyone still wiling to help us out by upload/linking new from other site like xvideos, slutload and any other site i don’t know of, then please comment on the video page to the new source or you can upload it and post it on the site. Expect nothing out of me this week since I’m extremely busy. If you want to find working then just simply search “slutload/xvideos/xxxbunker/”. Each forward slash represent a different search, also to anyone who haven’t read the FAQ then please do since i don’t like answering same question 10x.

Userporn Down??
You are going to watch/stream Userporn Down?? in English Sub/English Dub for free. Userporn Down?? is from the series .H Stigma News. If you enjoyed Userporn Down?? please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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22 Responses to “Userporn Down??”
  1. chato says:

    So userporn is temp down or perma down? I can’t really tell because I use my phones web browser

  2. Sasaki-san says:

    bullshit!,well good thing i changed to xvideos int time… anyway ill continue uploading the russporn.rus that are down

  3. james says:

    yeah is this perm? cause i just found and awsome jav site last night now i cant watch any videos on there or almost any site anymore i would soooo freak out if this is perm. also whats causing this, would make me feel better if i knew why at least lol

    • ToT says:

      Most likely userporn is scared of what happen to Megauplaod will happen to them so they decided to shutdown. (Don’t trust me on this since it’s not official). Also you can still watch some on the site by searching the few keywords as mention in my news.

  4. devilscorner says:

    but can u guys please upload the other videos because it doesn’t work anymore

  5. Shadow says:

    Well i just watched a from UP & it worked, so it may have been a temp thing

  6. Lyze says:

    It’s working fine for me right now.

  7. random passerby says:

    yeah it’s working for me right now to so maybe temp

  8. Sasaki-san says:

    yeah its up again it might have been a temporal thing its been happening with blogs too a guy who does good animations in his blog got closed for some reason and 2 days later it was up again like nothing happened, at anyway ill be re-uploading down russporn.rus since theyre alot if someone has an special one you want re-uploaded tell me and ill do it but you’ll have to have patience

  9. xavier16 says:

    i aint tryin 2 start nothing with u ToT but i just wnt 2 and the new russporn.rus that just came out was working just watched some of them a few seconds ago but heres a new website that has all d new russporn.rus its called it has all d new russporn.rusplus it uses its on videosnot userporns just thought ill help

  10. twisterase says:

    Userporn is working again ;)

  11. SomeGuy says:

    Userporn is up again bitches to continue watching and fap fap fap

  12. Shuzero says:

    guys what video provider is SL here is the sample // ….. I would like to post some of the down link…

  13. Aori Akatsuki says:

    userporn is working fine for me, i think it was a temp shutdown for maintenance or the sort

  14. derp says:

    It was working for me just now.

  15. Sasaki-san says:

    oh damn xvideos uploads are temporaly suspended well looks like if i cant make the slutload uploads to work properly i wont be uploading until xvideos lets you upload again since im had alot of problems with userporn if anyone knows another source let me know so i can continue.

  16. random viewer says:

    You can also try all you need is to login then you can upload and it has a section.

  17. Dark Zero says:

    the xtra credit is down, it was removed. Also can reupload the immoral sisters

    • Sasaki-san says:

      damn it userporn Y U NO stop deleting my videos ill see what i can do with xtra credit about immoral sisters,sure but tell me wich one since theres like 3 seasons

  18. Sasaki-san says:

    btw anyone knows the name of this />lol

  19. Dark Zero says:

    the first 2 seasons of immoral sisters


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