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Hey everyone, ToT here again with a little late update on the site.

First of all, thank you all for the wonderful comments.
Reading the comments really made me feel there’s still people that like the site even though it’s old and boring compare to new sites out there lol.

I read them all and I’ve decided to keep the site up for as long as the ads is paying for the server.
Took me a long time to decide but the site will be like a little backup for those that still want to use it. There won’t be update on new H though…

I’ll post another update with a way to donate later when I can. But for now the ads are helping.

Thanks again everyone for understanding. Have a good Christmas and Happy New Year!

Feb 14/21
Got blocked by cloudflare so now back to just normal server hosting. Site might be slower cause bandwidth limit.
Will ask for donation if I ever need it lol.

Update on Site (Feb 14/21)
You are going to watch/stream Update on Site (Feb 14/21) in English Sub/English Dub for free. Update on Site (Feb 14/21) is from the series .H Stigma News. If you enjoyed Update on Site (Feb 14/21) please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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56 Responses to “Update on Site (Feb 14/21)”
  1. Omsai says:

    thanks for getting back the website

  2. S says:

    I mentioned it in the last post, but this site basically got me through the 2010s. This site layout, the content, the comments, all of it is from a nicer time in my life that I’ll never really forget or ever want to forget. Thank you for keeping the site, even if it’s not getting new content, for me it’s part of internet history!

  3. Drakmor says:

    Hey, thanks mate! Take care of yourself and again thanks for all of ur work, this site is number one!
    Merry Xmas <3

  4. mangkanor says:

    nice nice

  5. alantupadre says:

    thank you so much for keeping the site, is like a secret paradise for all of us!

  6. arca says:

    Thanks so much !!!! I love this stie so much… glad that its still here !!

  7. Indersol says:

    Hontou ni
    Arigatou gozaimasu
    Admin-sama ;)

  8. Fura says:

    Cheers mate! adbockers are turned off! Hope the holidays are treating you well, and the other frequenters of the site.

  9. Pokpat09 says:

    Thank you so much to work on the site.
    Merry xmas &? Happy New Year.

  10. Bezvins says:

    Thanks, for keeping the site up

  11. Pogu says:

    how do i get the invitation code?

  12. Biohazard says:

    Thank you so much for keeping the site up! Just like another person on this site you got me through the 2010s. I was ready to end it all, but the site kept me hanging in there.

    I’m in a much better place now, but I come here for the memories.

    I’d love to donate! Do you have a Patreon or a Ko-fi that I can subscribe to?

    Or what does the server run? I program, so we might be able to find ways to cut costs.

    • ToT says:

      Glad the site had some positive effect on people.

      Thanks for wanting to help. I’ll contact your email if ever need help.

      • Dolfy01 says:

        I’ll second a hand of support. Also a dev and more than willing to donate whenever. Thanks for keeping this gem alive!

  13. DD says:

    I come here because there aren’t too many ads and the older links still work. Going to something that doesn’t update but has proven reliable is a lot better than taking a risk with a new site. Especially one that lives in the morally grey part of the internet.

  14. Mista Mystic says:

    Thank you so much for keeping the site up! I hope life treats you well and thanks for all of the hard work you have put into this site!

  15. Mangalorian says:

    Thank you, this website has been my pick for years, i wish you the best

  16. pido says:

    yes 2021 is looking good so far. hope it last

  17. obbjoe says:

    Thanks for keeping the site up! Turned off adblocker as well, hopefully it’ll help. While hstigma hasn’t been life changing for me like some of the other comments here, it does remind me of a simpler time in the past with its layout, haha. Happy new years to you, and hope things go well for the future!

  18. Curios says:

    Can u answer this question on the top banner of this website. Who is the 2 girls on the left and 1 girl on the right?

  19. Omsai says:

    When you will be starting uploading new files

  20. Ads says:


  21. HealerMain says:

    Thank you, been lurking here for a while and this has always been my go-to site for Whatever it is you’re chasing in life, I hope we send you off well. Just know, when you look back, that your efforts here were appreciated. Cheering for you and be healthy. <3

  22. webbmaster62 says:

    Hey tot looks like cloudfare stopped your vídeos dammit…

  23. Freestyle80 says:

    This site might be simple but your players didnt buffer like all the other full HD sites so everyone from early 2010s with shitty internet really appreciates this site.

    Still surprised you kept the domain up for this lol ToT lol

    • ToT says:

      Yea back then everyone Internet speed was crappy lol

      • private says:

        a ton of people’s Internet is STILL crappy. i’m working-on 1-megabyte-download 500-kilobit upload (that’s what i’m paying for; if i’m lucky, i get 500-kilobit download and 300-kilobit upload; usually what i get (even, on a daily basis / on average) is 300-kilobit download and between-150-and-200-kilobit upload). –> A.D.S.L. here.

  24. OldPerv96 says:

    It’s nice that the site is still alive… thank you for your service good sir!

  25. RandomDude says:

    Thank you for everything you’ve done! I’ve really enjoyed watching here at this site, I hope all is well with you and good fortune!

  26. Bugz says:

    I’m late to the party. I’ve come here over now and then. Whoever you are, you’ve helped more people than you think you have. I’d say that you probably even helped at least a million overall. Whatever your decision is, thanks for all that you’ve done

  27. NaNaShi says:

    I just wanted to say that for the past few years this site has been my savior. I truly wanted this site, or may I say “Community” to be around forever. But as they say forevers a lie, all we really have is what’s between hello and goodbye. So again, Thank you everyone THANK YOU ! ( Especially Admin-Sama ) I wish you guys and gals the best from now on.

  28. Gimbo says:

    This is the site I use when I can cuz all the other sites make you go through a bagillion ads only to buffer for a million years or just not work at all.

  29. Budar says:

    Nice to see this site is still alive.
    This site is lightweight, some sites out there add unnecessary decorations that put more load on internet connection and device processing resource.

    I like it simple.

  30. underlings says:

    hi tot, just wanna say his is the best website for h, it may be old but one of he fastest, easiest and was the most up to date, hope one day you start uploading new again plz, and thanks for all the years.

  31. Viren21 says:

    Nice to see you decided to keep this site for another decade i guess. Im one of those that discover this site long time ago when searching for a specific title during middle school but i cant remember along wth russporn.rugasm. Its been 6 years i guess since i visited this site since it really got overshadowed with the newer ones when russporn.ruhaven came to fruition as i see it then the superior one i guess is Nutaku’s during HH fall apart.

    Again its nice to see this site back

  32. Shanks Law says:

    One of the best sites around I visit from time to time nowadays but I definitely grew up with this website. I actually almost shed a tear lol

  33. Irum says:

    Thanks a lot, for keeping this site up! It’s my
    absolute favorite, since even now, when you look
    around, there is no other, what has this much
    content in a sufficient amount of time available.

    If you ever need a donation, I’m willing to participate! :)

    Best wishes!

  34. Pun Blues says:

    This site will always be a place to come back to. Like a kid in a toy story. It has all the things I used to remember. For however long this site exists I’ll always come by to rummage through all the old, new, and in between. It’s funny, I used to use a lot of weird sites before I found this place. This place will always be a sort of home to me… That must sound pretty ‘hentai’ huh…

  35. Reyzen says:

    Site still on
    Vid is fine
    Thumbs up
    Hope this last another years n so on
    Gonna come nxt to comment again…

  36. private says:

    this website should NEVER be taken-down. how-else are we going to be able to watch all the amazing Japanese animated that there-is on here?

    that being said, this website is an amazing repository for all the amazing that is already on-here. i’ve also been-able to discover that i’ve seen in the past but i didn’t-know what they were called. PLEASE, *PLEASE*, pretty-please PLEASE don’t-take-this-website-down.


    P.S. unfortunately credit-cards issued by local-banks of my country (Panama; American born-abroad [in the now-former Panama Canal Zone]) don’t work online* (i already tried it on Amazon and Newegg; despite the cards (ie. the credit-cards issued by local banks) being Visa and Mastercard), so i have to see what other forms of donation i can send to you.

    many-thanks for understanding.

    *(every-time i clicked “process” i get a notification stating “this credit-card is invalid” / “this credit-card-number is invalid”. so, what?, are you telling me that this physical credit-card that i’m holding in my hand [and was issued to me by a local-bank AND that's tied[/connected/verified] by the World-Bank] DOESN’T exist? 8-S ).

    • ToT says:

      Can live awhile longer if they don’t raise the price on me lol

      Don’t worry about donation too much and enjoy while it last.

      • private says:

        Thanks for the reply :-) . I forgot to mention this in the previous :-( : Thanks to this website, I’m also discovering[/anime] that I hadn’t heard-of before. Heck, a friend of mine from college told me about this he watched with-his-girlfriend called “Taboo Charming Mother” and I hadn’t seen it before, and hadn’t heard-of-it before, and thanks-to-this-website, I was-able to find it.

        I wish there was some-kind-of backup-server you could put-this-stuff on, and hell, I wish I could *provide* you a backup server. Unfortunately, minimum-wage here is STILL , and stuff down-here costs WAY-more than it-does in the-States (take the-PS5 for-example: here it’s a MINIMUM of $799+7%-sales-tax, or $699+7%-sales-tax, if you’re lucky to find-it at that-price). (Electronics, Internet-access, DVDs, Blurays, Video-game consoles, Computers, Laptops, Computer-stuff, they’re ALL at-least twice-as-much as what-you’d-find in the-States).

  37. ToT says:

    Just read all the new comments now after being away for awhile.
    Nice to see still got people using it as their backup XD

    Thanks for the good wishes.

  38. NoLimitsSin says:

    I’d love for this site to stay as long as possible. It’s a shame it doesn’t update anymore.

  39. Miyumi says:

    2023 this site is still alive but no update. Thank you..

  40. Goalie says:

    Just came to agree with everything everyone has said! Thank you friend!

  41. Rain says:

    Man this site has been a roller coaster for me I found it and lost it so many times and to have found it again after 5 years and to see that it’s shut down is saddening. FUnny that on a site of we found community. DIdn’t always agree with comments but we were free to be as crazy as we wanted. Thanks again for everything. IF i could save anything it’s the month to month preview of what was coming. I wish everyone a happy life. And as memories fade, this comment maybe lost in cyber space this moment was and is real and we all shared it.

  42. Yasha69 says:

    man this site was my childhood back in the say, i forgot the name of this site for a few yrs and found my horny teen ass saved the link XD

  43. mioooo says:

    i will never forget the shitty 360p i first watched here ????????

  44. oldschool pervert says:

    im a bit sad this site will go down for good sometime in the near future.
    its one of the somewhat rare sites which still have this old, smutty internet flair.

    lets hope the ads will keep it up a while longer.


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