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To Love-Ru Diary Gold
You are going to watch/stream To Love-Ru Diary Gold in English Sub/English Dub for free. To Love-Ru Diary Gold is from the series .3D, To Love-Ru Diary. If you enjoyed To Love-Ru Diary Gold please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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34 Responses to “To Love-Ru Diary Gold”
  1. wOW says:

    this is aweesomeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Noob says:

    When u gave up on your dream to comment on them all… ;-;

  3. Poseyyddon says:

    Incredible, waiting for Lala and Momo.

  4. fapster says:

    more loli crap and barely any straight shota content. seems a bit hypocritical to have so much of one and none of the opposite…

    • Kappa says:

      You’re retarded…

      • fapster says:

        and you’re a fkn pedo, punk bitch

        • Erogaki says:

          Nope he’s right, your retarded. Everyone is entitled to their own fetishes, and you should respect that. I don’t care if straight shota is your fetish. But you crossed the line the moment you called loli crap.

          • fapster says:


            lol i’m a “retard” who knows the difference between your and you’re. the hell does that make you, a person who can’t tell the diffrence?

            Everyone is entitled to their own opinioin – true. Just because i don’t give a crap about naked little girls(i’d rather jerk off to a perverted milf than an ugly old fart) doesn’t give you or anyone a right to insult me.

            looks like you and kappa-faggit are a bigger retard than i am ;P

            • Tosixunleashed says:

              If he’s a retard for spelling you’re wrong then what does that make you for misspelling difference?

              • fapster says:

                …the guy who forgot to add an e in the same word he spelt right the first time…?? try harder defending your butt buddy next time, guy…

            • fapster the fegget says:

              And yet you insulted someone else….. nice hypocrisy dumbass

              • fapster says:

                You Fapster fagget, only people I’ve insulted were the idiots who started throwing insults at me first. All i did was call this crap, then all you butt hurt pedos started attacking me…

                Lol Try fkn reading next time.

                • IdiotMuch says:

                  Are a bigger retard* u mean “are bigger retards”

                • barrels says:

                  For your information she is not a loli, she is 24 years old with a petit figure, you see that everytime in porn. Also if you are going to call someone pedo for liking loli ANIME/HENTAI, then you really are a retard. These are drawings/3d models of characters that don’t exist.

            • Talking to a retard says:

              Lol what a retard. Insults people about their preferences. Gets butt-hurt when they insult him back. Starts talking about how people should respect each other’s preferences. Classic example of hypocrisy.

              • fapster says:

                You lack reading comprehension skills. “more loli crap and barely any straight shota content” how the fuck was this an insult to anyone?? All of you dumb-fucks started calling me retarded ’cause I said “loli crap.” Lol butt-hurt much?

                So much free time on your hand, you keep making different accounts just to respond. I know I’m talking to the same butt-hurt fagget here. FYI, calling yourself a fagget and idiotmuch doesn’t affect me in anyway. It just proves how much of a dumb-fuck you are, giving yourself stupid names thinking it’s an insult to me…

                P.s. I wasn’t the one who started saying everyone should respect each others preferences. The hypocritical fuck-tard who responded to me, because i didn’t like this crap, was the one who brought that shit up. Just more evidence proving my point: you can’t read for shit!

    • VanGuard says:

      Umm…excuse me.. I like SS too… Can u pls give me links for an SS video heheehhee…..

    • mad? says:

      You’re fucking stupid (you spelled fucking wrong also) do you know what hypocrite means. It means saying wow you don’t shower and then not showering also
      Hypocrite- a person who pretty much says that something is bad and does it themselves.

      • fapster says:

        look, an idiot who doesn’t know what an abbreviation is…

        • Fuckya says:

          Look! a lesser human claiming to be knowledgeable and shit who doesn’t even know how that shota is just like lolis only it’s boys. Try watching Boku no Pico. Maybe there you can be satisfied with two men jerking each other in the first two episodes and three boys jerking each other off. Oh and btw I agree he soesn’t know what an abbreviation is. Also instead of saying other people’s reading comprehension is lacking, try learning what they call grammar, proper use of punctuations, especially commas and proper sentence construction. Also if we’re talking about English here, try to start your sentences the right way.

    • -_-IlluminatiLeaders8m$ says:

      Go and fuck a little girl come back and tell me how it felt taking her first time fetishes are opinions of other peoples thoughts calling it crap is sure to bring up stupid fighting with each other over who likes this and likes that i call bullshit for ever saying loli is crap its sure to bring hate from the people who like it i admit i like loli and straight shota even trap yaoi but who fucking care’s keep your opinions to your self saten damn it does the world have to know what you like

    • -_-Illuminati8m$ says:

      Please do not get butt hurt over how i spell my words its just stupid

  5. Natsukurakka says:

    this is good but she looks so young.

  6. FranckDucks says:

    We need Mikado and Tearju!!!!!!

  7. badboy says:

    if momo was here I might cumming blood XD

  8. ultima says:

    whos the girl in the ad “but your my step brother” been curious about it

  9. Jujubomb says:

    Here i am lookin for a decent comment bout this anime n almost all of it is butthurting people.


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