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Just as some of you have requested, I have added a genre submitting tags function to the site. Only logged in user can submit genre tags, So please go and check it out and report any bugs using the form below if it’s an important bug (bad coding etc). If it’s just a simple bug then please use the comment section.

Here’s one where I added some genre tags: Kyonyuu Fantasy

Also note that this function isn’t finish yet so i plan to improve it much more later on.

Removed contact box for BUGS cause SOME people don’t know how to read…

Testing Genre Tags
You are going to watch/stream Testing Genre Tags in English Sub/English Dub for free. Testing Genre Tags is from the series .H Stigma News. If you enjoyed Testing Genre Tags please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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36 Responses to “Testing Genre Tags”
  1. megamon says:

    its says I need to wait for the tag I click ….I click the tag “group” but nothing happens ….. I hope I’ve been help …good day :-)

    • ToT says:

      Yes, it should work then the page refresh and displays a new message. I”ll make it not refresh on later version…

      • megamon says:

        I see … anyway its good thing you made that :-) ….btw can make a video player that works on mobile ,android,or I phone it would be good for people who don’t have a pc :-) ….well good day sir ToT

  2. someloser says:

    Well that’s nice, will clicking on a genre lead to all of the that have that genre? Also, how are you planning to stop the abuse of the tags? There might be idiots out there who will start placing all sorts of tags on ntr videos such as “evil” or “unfair” or “stupid”. I mean, hey, we have some pretty trippy members in the community, including me.

    • ToT says:

      It’ll only lead to genre for that NOT all. And no they can’t place those tags because all the tags are fixed (meaning they can only choose from those that’s already there)

  3. eltra says:

    could i get Invitation Code ?

  4. blabla says:

    remove the fucking like button under the videos. or but it atleast on the right side or above the video. not directly under the play button!!

    • ToT says:

      lol what happen? Clicked it by accident and now everyone knows you watch

      I don’t think i’ll move it for two reason, one cause people are lazy and they won’t go up and click it later on. Two, i’m lazy and i don’t want to code it to the side…

  5. cridren says:

    will you add loli tags? :3

  6. addthemtags says:

    can you please add Fantasy, Scifi and Space?

  7. yesgoodlord says:

    please dont forget the tag “footjob” because I love feet

  8. Giesterfarher says:

    Creampie and Volcanic (Massive Eruptive Ejaculation) would be good tags to have as well. :)

  9. laurhy says:

    We thank you for you’re hard work :)

  10. Bro says:

    ToT I would love it if you put Lolicon as a tag yuri is not good enough for lolicon. You know how much I love lolicons…..

  11. Simuleino says:

    TEKOKI TAG *_* I know it’s just a scene, but it still glorious :)

  12. zephiris says:

    would be great if I can search on tags. I mean “Catgirl” is all i need :p

  13. aznpanda510 says:

    How do i go to tags? or click on tags because it be a lot easy if i can just click big boobs ^^ and i truly thank you for this website and when i make it big i will give u a huge donation but it won’t have my name on it ^^

  14. darkoroshi says:

    how can i get an invitation code bro?????? this is the best site in the world

  15. Anon says:

    i hope we can search by tags, ntr seems to be the only thing that works for me these days ;_;

  16. Oz says:

    some futanari would be cool !!

  17. jayar says:

    i need invitation code please :’<

  18. jayar says:

    why did you guys cover their sensitive parts? :<


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