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Hey everyone ToT here. Thank you all to those that’s been supporting the site since the beginning. It’s been a great 9 years.

As some of you have noticed the site haven’t been updating lately. Reason for that is because I’ve been thinking of shutting down the site for a while now, but never got to do it since I still see people visiting.

Anyway, I’ve finally decided to shut down the site so I can move on to focus on other things. If I get something working I’ll provide a update at “” or “” for those interested. (Don’t expect anything though lol)

Site will be shut down by around November 15 of next month. Please backup your Favorites if you have any saved on the site.

Bye for now everyone. Stay safe.

Site Shutting Down
You are going to watch/stream Site Shutting Down in English Sub/English Dub for free. Site Shutting Down is from the series .H Stigma News. If you enjoyed Site Shutting Down please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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78 Responses to “Site Shutting Down”
  1. BoyOnTheHood says:

    This is really really sad… This was “the” best H-website that i had discovered back in 2013, because the website keeps getting updated and that it would post all the russporn.rus that would come out next month. Unlike other websites, they dont give us information like that back in the old days. So i wish you man the best and that you will be successful on your other work. We thank you for all the treasures and beauties you have provided us. And that we are all sorry that we couldn’t even give you any donations back then (some of us till now) because we were still broke. So cheers mate! Goodluck and have a good life

  2. A_Sad says:

    Good bye everyone, was a fun run but everything must come to an end. please let us know if you will open any other site.

  3. GirlaPH says:

    Well, that’s a shame. I really enjoyed going to this site like this, but at least there’s other sites, but it would be not the same when this site shuts down. Happy Trails!

  4. honorwolf says:

    well good luck in your next venture

  5. Captainhook says:

    Thanks for the great quality vids man. Love this site from way back 2012.Some of my faves were bible black sei yariman mama puri etc etc .Too bad that all good things must come to end. Wish you all the best on your future endeavors.

  6. RDX says:

    Thanks for keeping this site going all these years it truly was a survivor and one of the best if not the best site for a long time I hope life treats you well.

  7. LoafBread says:

    Guys, this site will have to go down one day. Better sooner than later which may make u cry more because its been longer. I occassionally been here since like 2014 but moreso from 2017 onwards and these things all come to an end.

  8. Pietoepoef says:

    So guys now this site is shutting down and i only used this because of the update every month and the easy to read font/lay out.. what sites for do you use that is kinda like this one?

  9. XuiXidal says:

    Been using this site since 2013.. this was my troll site for my friends looking for Anime Sites.. and been using this to update my collection.. thanks you for everything.. stay safe..

  10. Cyndablitz says:

    farewell, old friend. one of the first sites i discovered. i suddenly rediscovered you today, i thought you had shut down a while ago. thanks for the years, hope you are well in you’re next ventures.

  11. Cyndablitz says:

    Farewell old friend. I will miss you. This was one of if not the first site i frequented.

  12. luftritter says:

    Thanks for the hard work. This was an excellent site. Wish you luck in your new efforts. I came here for years and will certainly miss it ????

  13. female, 35 says:

    as part of the one percent of straight women to finally be able to search for women, your site will be sorely missed.

  14. Juni says:

    Good luck men thanks for everything!! Success with what your working on all the best!

  15. drifter says:

    damn, sad to see this go but it had to happen someday… goodluck with your new work

  16. russporn.ruMaN says:

    ‘Tis a sad time indeed

  17. Fuuuuu says:

    Dude u were the only good site everwhat a fuckkkk

  18. ss_samba says:

    Any thoughts on taking a donation to keep the domain registered and keeping the site up but not updating it?

  19. RIP says:

    Oh no… I struggle to find an Chart here and see this message.. I guess I need to find a new site.
    I see that this site is still up and I hope it stay’s up even if you decides to shut it down (temporarily?). Best of luck & Thank you for everthing! ?????????????????????????

  20. Mighthose says:

    When i was in college this is one of the site that has been supporting my lonely nights when doing projects and Thesis, Sadly it has to go someday and i just found that now. Thank you for all the wonderful rides that you have provided us here.
    And hope to see you another time.

  21. Alexander233 says:

    I’ve been coming back and forth here for such a long time. Since I was a teenager and still coming here sometimes.
    Thanks for your work, thanks to the team or person behind this site.
    Remember, we appreciate you guys.
    Stay safe, may only good things happen in your life.

  22. Press F says:

    Thank you for all these years!

  23. Sad me says:

    The only site i can watch online back when i got my first touch screen mobie phone. One of the best site everrrrr

  24. youngvi says:

    good luck man, hope you are doing great!

  25. shin says:

    this site is best … i keep visiting this site because of the updates and raw …
    before this site there was xshinigami …

    but this site was the best

  26. JustAVisitor says:

    Wow, thank you. I hate and love so this last is for you. Maybe stopping is the right choice for me too lol.


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