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Rinkan Club Episode 4
You are going to watch/stream Rinkan Club Episode 4 in English Sub/English Dub for free. Rinkan Club Episode 4 is from the series Rinkan Club. If you enjoyed Rinkan Club Episode 4 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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24 Responses to “Rinkan Club Episode 4”
  1. TheFapper says:

    first to fap first to comment

  2. peanutman says:

    Dang, too bad the glasses chick didn’t get more action. She’s all I’ve been hoping for for this one. Everyone else gets like 2 scenes or more focus.

  3. RraZziel says:

    god damnit that ending killed my boner -_-

  4. RraZziel says:

    i meant podium scene

  5. Taldi says:

    it was really an unexpected twist

  6. Analnymous says:

    ** Spoiler Alert**

    I thought Glasses-Lady wanted to destroy the club, not become its leader.

    And as to how she ‘dethroned’ the Blonde, guess I have to wait for the subs.

    • Horatiovorannndar says:

      Well from what I could gather, in the incredible laughter I burst into at watching the ending. Which was just so hilarious. That the people that where victims of the Rinkan Club had all wronged her mother and that was why she punished them, or more correctly. Utterly obliterated them. The earlier stuff was pretty nasty, like the baseball bat violation. Was grotesque. This was just damn hilariously insane. I think maybe she was also in charge of the Rinkan Club from the start. Maybe her mum was original leader or something.

      • nigh says:

        from what she said it seems like her father was the one in charge. since he was the one who knocked both their moms

  7. Logic says:

    Yeah I was hoping that the glasses chick would get pregnant too. Also, what happened to the blue haired chick?

  8. Zion says:

    Well I saw this twist a mile away and its way to easy to expect.

  9. ALLTHESAME says:

    im getting fed up with these days its all the same nothing new or original has been let out for a long time its all the same. really its just rape after rape after rape… just get something new already cause ive seen so many that involved rape i actually start to feel sorry for those girls

    • 4_Shakuras says:

      No, not all ero anime are the same. Though,even if there were a million “vanilla” titles out there, you moralscum will still complain about rape. Not to worry, for there are 2 solutions: 1. Leave 2. Kill yourself and you’ll never have to worry about the EVIL rape ero anime bothering your fragile sensibilities anymore.

  10. derp says:

    ……… and boner was killed for good around 23:30 mark even though i had lost it before it was done once that happened.

  11. LoliYuri says:

    Lol dat ending, anybody want a brown slushie?

  12. FausttheImpaler says:

    This anime is a mash up of the H-game it is based on. The chick with the glasses is the blonde chick older sister. One of the rules to the Rinkan club is that only blood relatives can submitt the name of the Shrine maiden. The oni/demon, who statue graces the anime in alot scenes, accepeted the chick with the glasses as the new leader of the Rinkan club. Some what in part due to the blonde chick holding out on Maki (the girl she tries to save at the begining of this episode) also her rape and learning of her having sister (from rape of her mother all those years ago) had twisted her mind from destroying the club to running it. This is about as close to the H-game as they could get with only enough budget to make 4 episode. There was three more girls who did not have the close connection to the main story of the game that didn’t get put in this anime, Sadly. For a while there I was unsure they would finish this anime considering how big the game was. and how much of the story they would try to tell. Last time Pixy tried this, we had six episode of Himekishi lilia with a end that really pissed me off.

    • nigh says:

      is this the same ending as the game?

      • FausttheImpaler says:

        As I said, this is a mash up of the game. The game has multiple ending and the game is told from two or three different P.O.V.. No, the game does not have a mass orgy scene with all the ladies. Each one can end up as the shrine maiden or not. but yes the scat scene is in the game. It’s done a bit differently. After the older sister (the one with glasses) reveals the truth and has her little sister gang-banged. She forces her to participate in her yoga class and gives her the enema prior. and you get the same result.

  13. KAiiRU says:

    Wow. What a shitty ending.
    This is the first time in like 2 years that I have went from fully erect to flaccid in less than 2 seconds.

  14. Raven says:

    It´s so hard to fap with this, so Much Rape. Even if it´s fiction, I´m not used to it.

  15. 4_Shakuras says:

    *sigh* I wish there was some sort of filter to filter out all the QQ in these types of shows.

  16. gubdaksja says:


  17. GrandmasterRyu says:

    Goodness what a dumb

  18. barubal says:

    I am horny . i want to fuck all those chicks haha


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