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Rance 01: Hikari o Motomete The Animation Episode 1
You are going to watch/stream Rance 01: Hikari o Motomete The Animation Episode 1 in English Sub/English Dub for free. Rance 01: Hikari o Motomete The Animation Episode 1 is from the series Rance 01: Hikari o Motomete The Animation. If you enjoyed Rance 01: Hikari o Motomete The Animation Episode 1 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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69 Responses to “Rance 01: Hikari o Motomete The Animation Episode 1”
  1. Vhykoh says:


  2. someloser says:

    hahaha time for rance

  3. someguy says:

    this was a game??

    • derp says:

      Yep, the Rance game series is a hilarious set of h-rpgs with 10 games out…literally all of them are awesome cause the games are fun and Rance is a hilarious character

      • rett says:

        Maybe I have to play the game to get his humor because all I saw was a jerk that owns and abuses a slave and tries to rape almost any girl he comes across (including one he was saving). Sure they mask it with a veneer of comedy, but when you take away that, Rance is more terrible than most villains.

        • Bad says:

          Right? I really don’t get the appeal with this kind of garbage.

        • Maou says:

          Rance is terrible. It’s sort of a universally accepted thing in his own world. On top of which Rance is an asshole and a self proclaimed hero who just happens to be consistently fighting on the good side for the worst reasons. But he’s not as bad as some of the villains… infact the only time I remember Rance being worse than major villains was Emperor Rance, and that’s not canon.

        • Rest says:

          Try playing Sengoku Rance… Rance, actually isn’t a major cruel-hearted person than you think…

          • Dude says:

            Dude, he’s raping people. ‘not that bad’ really? really?!

            • Crom says:

              The world of Rance is dark and very cruel, you can’t know but compared to the monsters, yokais and especially some of the dark lords, Rance is not that bad of a guy. Yes he is raping people and at this point in the story he is pretty much a asshole, but his character gets some development as the plot moves forward and while he will never stop molesting girls, he helped a ton of people during his journey. And as i said, just being raped is not even close to the worst thing that can happen to you there.
              sorry for my english :)

              • Akaviri says:

                This. I recall one of his games where a main villain gang rapes a little girl and rance sets out to destroy him.

                This is the thing with rance, he’s a hero not because he’s good, but because his world is so horrible that he’s constantly the shiniest of two turds.

                Ofc sjws will lose their collective shit, but realistically speaking, without rance’s constant intervention his world would be even worse.

        • NTRman says:

          When you are up against bad guys, you can get away with everything ?(????)

  4. FlamingMangos says:

    Its soo gooood. Can’t wait for episode 2.

  5. Go-kun says:

    Best thing to happen this month, hands down. Even jujitama (whatever it’s called) can’t top this. Dude, I’m going into the fap cave until next year with this one.

  6. Marky says:


  7. Anonymoose says:

    The animation was great, and while I can’t understand it the story looks like it could be pretty funny. The only problem I had was that the H-scenes were a bit too quick and a bit subpar, the best one of them all was probably the demon chick and her part was only like 10 seconds in the entire episode.

    Overall I’d give it a 5/10.

    • FlamingMangos says:

      lol… u gave it a 5/10 because the girl you liked didn’t have a long h scene because the rest of the h scene was lengthy. There was 2 ejaculations for both which don’t happen that often in They usually stop after one ejaculation. If you played the game you would perfectly understand why theres not much time for her…

      • kojack says:

        the maid was so so the bar tendress (lol that was full on bondage rape) was better. But ya the demon chick looked like she would of been the best of all .

      • Lololol says:

        There is NO reason that demon chick didn’t get screwed, I know she didn’t even give him a BJ in the game but still, would of made it tons better

  8. King says:

    This was great. They had dat great Baku Ane animation. Aldo love how they give this women nice big round asses.

  9. Holycheck says:

    Awesome Kamina reference at 13:09, great!

    Kanami was so scary though!! :O

  10. keek says:

    i miss that, rance is the best.
    sadly there isn’t the translation for the game Rance: Hikari o Motomete. I just played Sengoku Rance, and i can say, is a hard game to finish without a walkthrough, but is one of the best game i have ever played, not only because it is a eroge or something like that, but the gameplay, characters and soundtracks are awesome.

  11. Hazama says:

    I was here.

  12. Bakahou's Ghost says:

    I see some characters that appear in later games. Did you know Rance was once voted as and held the place as the number 1 Visual novel protagonist in a certain magazine for such a long time that they had to disqualify him and change the vote to be only Heroines only. That is how great Rance is.

  13. killer says:

    Somebody know the theme at the ending, is very good.

  14. Alex says:

    As always, Nishikawa never fails to give us great sex scenes, and Rance…? Amazing choice. You don’t even have to fap to this.

  15. Haseo says:

    somebody please tell me whats the name of the game ????

  16. Angmir says:

    I hope by the time they will try to animate Sengoku Rance they will make better sex animations.

  17. HurricaneBlazer says:

    Finally, A Baku-ne’s successor has finally appear, I love it, best of this month I believe eventhough Oni-chichi comes close though :]

  18. Ichi-NiSan says:

    Do they know what they have done now, half the Rance fan are now gonna expect the rest of the series to be done like now, and the other half will demand it. Either way they better not stop for all our sakes.

  19. RANCE! says:

    This made my Hyper Weapon happy

  20. Alabastard says:

    Holy shiiiiet,
    is this one of three good releases we get every year, amidst the tides of the garbage-tsunami-releases?

    Hope this thing gets released on Blluray with subtitles one day.

  21. PoPo says:

    I see Shizuka doing something.. Could it be she’s doing Lv up tribute in Sky island in Rance4?

  22. eixa says:

    6:11 Legend of Zelda link’s shield.

  23. ThatDOujinGuy says:


  24. Fred Doran says:

    Very good overall. Pink Pineapple has delivered yet again. The protagonist was hilarious and the animation was top- notch as well, same as Baku-Ane. My only complaint was that there were like only 2 sex scenes. And the demon girl scene was half-assed and incredibly short. I hope next time they maximize the time add a lot more sex.

    Overall I give it 8.5. One of my favorites this year. Definetely a good end for 2014

  25. kasumi says:

    my only disappointment is that the scenes could of been better ejaculation could of been better.compared to pink pineapple other work which they always seems to nail the ejaculation on point everytime.but in this one they lacked that punch.replay value is there which is a plus for me overall this episode gets an 8/10 :)

  26. thehentaiguru says:

    Heavily disappointed, waste of the best animation available for at the moment (since no one wants to imitate kanojo x kanojo x kanojo, which had the best animation of all time, or even boin resort). There was one good h scene, and there were only three…one of them being a piss poor blow job scene that lasted like 2 seconds. The last h scene was just weird, couldn’t fap to it. Ah well. No, this doesn’t even come close to rivaling Baku Ane, which was a masterpiece. Looking forward to another production from these guys, hopefully not another disappointment though.

  27. FlamingMangos says:

    Hey admin, If I give you the timings for like the subtitling. Will that help you sub faster? I mean… I can’t really read japanese thats why I can’t do it myself.

    • ToT says:

      Yes, that would help me a lot if there is someone doing that. I can sub it like i used to before, but don’t expect perfect subs.


    god dammit rance !

  29. wot says:

    Am I the only person that didn’t like rance? I find him annoying. I alway think that humour and is never a good combo. I’m a milf kinda guy so I was rather disappointed however the animation was really good, yet the movement was awkward like purely kiss…

    • Joe says:

      Yeah I agree with wot, the main character is a little too fucking goofy and weird for my taste, plus the sex scenes are like zero passionate and wacky. Sex is supposed to be sensual, mutual, and loving. This was shonen bullshit wrapped in a format.

      • Kekekekekek says:

        >the sex scenes are like zero passionate and wacky

        If it’s Rance were talking about, Hes always passionate and serious about all he does

        >Sex is supposed to be sensual, mutual, and loving

        No dude, that’s “Vanilla” you’re talking about. there are many types of “sex” and you sir, are in the “Bright side of the h-anime genre” too blinded by “vanilla” that makes you unaware of the “other types of sex” in the “Dark side of the h-anime genre” (Search for “Netorare” and watch/read some of the references, and you’ll know what Im talking about.*Make sure you have enough sanity before you do*)

    • retto says:

      I didn’t like Rance, he’s a slave-owning rapist that doesn’t look as bad because they mask it with comedy. He somehow managed to be worse than the leader of the Thief group.

    • Kekekekekek says:

      nah, I think you guys are just taking things too serious that’s all. Rance have done worse things than what he did in the “Hikari wo Motomete” series. He Raped many Ladies who had a Boyfriend, Husband, and Ladies who just had their loved ones killed(mostly because of him),even if they simply don’t want to do it, he even blackmailed them. but hey, Because of him, this series ain’t as agonizing as “Delicious Heroines gets NTR’ed by other men besides the Protagonist” theme right? and Rance is not Rance if he don’t have “Lust, Greed and Evil”, so I think what you vanilla ppl are demanding is impossible(A Good Protagonist/Faithful Lover/Genuine Kind Hero of Justice that always saves the day right?).

      If in any case that were to happen(Like when “Darklord sieg” tried to imitate rance, and he miserably failed), there will be a huge possibility that the story will darken

      the worst case scenario that happens in your imagination when your girlfriend was secretly kidnapped by human-trafficking jerks, and the only way to save them, is to turn back into your old self(stop being the good guy, and start being the bad guy) and travel to the slave market(where she is held captive), kill the enemies(make sure that they die), and do all the women you encounter in your journey(rape them if you have to) to ensure that your adventure will be a success and have a better ending than “The good guy who stupidly died in vain because he thought that his GF hated him(the kidnappers mailed him using his GF’s phone) so he let her go because he’s a good guy who wishes for his GF’s happiness”

  30. Shalimar says:

    Fuck yeah! I was waiting for this man and his hyperweapon!

  31. Jesus Christ says:

    Absolutly Faptastic! I would rate it 8 out of 10 faps. 8/10 faps

  32. Krogar says:


  33. ????wat? says:

    lol did anyone see the cameo of one of the masters in ranma 1/2 at 2:53?

  34. Wow. says:

    I came to this like a madman. Right when he came in his slave. I’ll be back to watch the rest.

  35. GW says:

    Well this certainly is giving me some hope of seeing a Sengoku Rance H Anime.

  36. janho says:

    Lets hope for another episode

  37. Ezkrela says:

    Hey Ikaros-san? Something wrong with Sei Brunehilde?? I look on the List and it said
    ” Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

  38. Dudez says:

    I dont know about you guys, but when its a Gorgeous art and paired with an animation I can get by with, then may it be NTR, VANILLA, TENTACLE Or any other genres you can think of, I’ll take it XD.

  39. tetsuya says:

    i can’t wait for the next episode
    this is the best

  40. Chester says:

    So after playing Bunny black (is a vn by the same makers for Rance quest) i kinda hated the story in BB because of the rape and the author trying to justifie it raping someone and making it painfull is kinda meh i dont understand why people try to justifie the actions of rance by saying there are worse people on the planet so if someone is worse than hitler you can love him as a hero?

  41. SenpaiKirito says:

    I don get what this is about …

    Can someone explain ???

    Thank you …

  42. FuzzyManBoob12321 says:

    Rapist? That is a complete UNDERSTATEMENT compare to what he is overall. He is a sociopath with a self-proclaimed hero complex. He NEEDS to die


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