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Otomedori Episode 1
You are going to watch/stream Otomedori Episode 1 in English Sub/English Dub for free. Otomedori Episode 1 is from the series Otomedori. If you enjoyed Otomedori Episode 1 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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118 Responses to “Otomedori Episode 1”
  1. nylon says:

    Still can’t believe Otome is Asakawa Yuu…

    • 4_Shakuras says:

      What’s so hard to believe about it? It’s not as uncommon for voice actresses doing both “mainstream” and ero anime as you think. Yui Horie, Hyosei, Yuuko Gotou Akane Tomonaga, etc just to name a few also does both.

    • Chifuyu Orimura says:

      I find it hard to imagine that Rider from Fate/Stay Night sounds like Otome… It’s so drastically different.

  2. gordon says:

    so u can do still have successful career thats interesting, i knew here voice was familiar, she also did Viper GTS

  3. teabag says:

    Asakawa Yuu dubbed A LOT of or 18x gal games….I’d consider her 30% VA and 70% regular VA lol..

  4. sad guy says:

    Am i the only one who feel bad bout tht guy ? really though thts cruel :’(

    • also sad says:

      no you’re not :c but that animation tho

    • 2Dkun says:

      No your not and this one making me hate

    • Legato says:

      I know what you mean. It’s too obvious his bat shit fucking crazy little sister pulled something fucked up and got her to pay off the debt or sold her to them because she wants her brothers dick wtaf!? and could they made them look any more disgusting?

  5. NO TO Netorare says:

    Biased review. The animation is God Tier I’ll give it 8.5/10 compared to other Sounds mediocre typical but not bad 7/10. Characters are so fucked up I know because this is a netorare. I hate netorare someone will agree to me 5/10. If only they make a vanilla type with this kind of animation. It’ll be a hit. I know this is a hit now but what if right. well thats just my review and opinion. p.s I tried to fapped to this but no good my dicks getting limp when I saw the mc’s face. such a pussy.

  6. FapWizard says:

    WOW just wow. How can any boy or man just keep fapping to those dvd’s and not want to save her? After the 1st one I’m putting 3 guys in the ground and at the end he ignores her. DOUCHEBAG! LOL, oh well wonder what the second episode is like. Also if the second one doesn’t answer this question Maybe someone who reads this might. How did she end up in that situation? Blackmail of some sort?

  7. SOAPMAN says:

    Does anyone know of any other the voice actress for Otome has done (apart from viper gts)?

  8. SadFace says:

    Every Rape should have a raw version. That kinda of genre is disgusting. Too bad i’m too thirsty.

  9. Satan Killer says:

    eventhough i love but i still feel sad for that boy.He doesn’t deserve that.Anyway,it a great to fap to.Damn that boy was an idiot.He doesn’t even try to save the girl he love.

  10. Kevin says:

    Dam in the recnt ntr I have seen the girl first had sx with guy
    Then got taken from him but he fought back in another same thing but got pregnant
    The girl and guy lost her here well dam makes my stomach feel bad
    And boner feel bad well time for sei gauken and Baku Ann

  11. NotSorryForHim says:

    Why the f*** are you feeling sorry for the boy? He didn’t get his ass up and asked her out, they were not dating
    Buhuu, his feelings got hurt a bit.
    I read comments like “Feel sorry for the guy/husband/bf” no matter the situation. I can understand when its just the girl cheating on purpose on him, but even when its clearly rape, there are stupid ass comments like that
    Even when the girl gets killed, its just about the guys feeling who had nothing to do with it, but (depending on the situation) made watch it or just plain didn’t know his wife w/e gets raped.
    That sorry as of him didn’t try anything before or after the DVD

    So No! Not sorry for him.

    As for ho this is, it was low-mediocre. The “plot” was terribly done and characters are boring, a lot of question that maybe gets resolved in the next episode. And this episode had nothing to do with NTR since they were not together. I will make a wild guess that it’s his little sister that gave him the DVDs to get into his pants

    Fap 4/10 just skip to the perv parts, you are not missing anything, and it feels consensual the whole time, except at the beginning “You said just watching” crap you get even to hear in those lovey-dovey russporn.rus

    Plus the voices were good

    • lolwhatthefuk says:

      “it feels consensual” what the fuck dude? She’s literally saying “stop” the whole fucking time

      They’re raping her and it’s so obvious they are and everyone calling this NTR is leaving a bad taste in my mouth because she’s not cheating she’s getting taken advantage of

  12. SeiZui says:

    If you want to feel of being THE HULK ,, THen congratulations.. This is the series for you hahaha

  13. BigDickRick says:

    Best ever made. I fapped so hard. 10/10

  14. Raging says:

    this guy.. im triggered bastard shoulda comforted her or sth not shrug her off, someone kick this bastard’s ass for me

  15. NatsuDragneel says:

    I would have let her keep going through that i would have kill all those guys once i saw the dvd.

  16. Fuck Off says:

    Cuck NTR Garbage.

  17. russporn.rulover says:

    fk that stupid brown hair bitch!!! get the fk out!

  18. russporn.rulover says:

    ugh, I hate the fking younger sister… how could she do that to her sister?!!!

  19. Azazel says:

    such an ending!!!

  20. russporn.rulover says:

    This is some quality netorare shit right here , wow i mean i watched I can and taboo mother but this , this is fucking dope as fuck by , it’s like u did weed all the time and somone gave yoou some pure cocaine , you are in for a ride boi


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