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Mankitsu Happening Episode 1
You are going to watch/stream Mankitsu Happening Episode 1 in English Sub/English Dub for free. Mankitsu Happening Episode 1 is from the series Mankitsu Happening. If you enjoyed Mankitsu Happening Episode 1 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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50 Responses to “Mankitsu Happening Episode 1”
  1. PogChamp says:

    damn son

  2. Pitney says:

    i was pretty disappointed by this one
    i hope the next episode is better

  3. Noob says:

    A moment of silence for his dick…

  4. PAÎÑToky0 says:

    yeah! is good

  5. Bad says:

    No one even goes to this store to buy books. Surprisingly light orange had better positions throughout.

  6. Grandpa says:

    That was pretty awesome, the whole mishap situations were cheesy but it worked pretty well.

  7. Lulung says:

    nice art, love this

  8. CBDD says:

    This one was awesome, the orange haired girl is hot. :D

  9. Erogaki says:

    Those women from 13:33 to 13:50 are from Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend

  10. PervPatrol says:

    Argh this needed so much more of the purple haired girl. Screw the copy-paste “imouto” style girl like the orange one.

  11. shinigoroshi says:

    I think we have the winner for this month.

  12. Tru3 says:

    Wasn’t bad but not great.
    Saw plenty of references to Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend as well as Kyounyuu Fantasy (hope next ep being made)

  13. Spear-Rules says:


    • Spear-Rules says:

      Wait i heard oniichan……
      Oh god the doubt is setting in?

      • Fawkes89 says:

        Nah. She is his childhood friend. (I think I heard it while fucking the redhead) She is probably his junior, and thus calls him Oni-san as they have known each other since really young, and are almost like non-blood related siblings.

        I frankly don’t care much about her though. My main target for this one is hte manager chick. She is stoic, and quiet, lactating, horny, with inverted nipples. She is like my perfect woman. SO FUCKING SEXY. That last sex scene is the only reason I keep coming back to this episode. I want it to be subbed, so I can ensure my own translations are correct.

        • Spear-Rules says:

          I hope so, i really like it at first, but really wasn’t watching the whole thing. When i heard Oniichan i immediately thought incest, hopefully they aren’t blood related since that would ruin that girl for me

          • crimson says:

            like 90% of the time onii-chan is used, there’s no blood relation. about 70% not even step sibling.

            • Spear-Rules says:

              I don’t mind steps, because in the end they are just politically related, but if they are actual siblings or even half then im not going to enjoy it, i even got irritated over some that i have seen that had really good animation and everything and had to leave them alone since it would turn out to be incestual, glad this one wasn’t the case :D .

  14. Haseo says:

    Can somebody please tell me What Store or What place he in ?????

  15. Alabastard says:


  16. QbRt says:

    This dude needs to be promoted to store manager. He has quick problem solving skills, like the “1 dude 2 tits” dilemma. He can also lift objects over 50 pounds, and has great customer service representation.

  17. Prefer no to say says:

    okay so I am having a very odd issue here, and its not just with this video, ive been having this problem on the entire site. none of the videos are working for me. all I get is the display image of satelizer from freezing, but no video player at all. I have tried with ad/pop up blockers enabled, and I have tried without them enabled. it doesn’t matter. also my flash player and all relevant files are currently up to date. so I LITERALLY have no fucking clue as to what the hell is going on. if some one could give me an idea as to what could be causing this and how to fix it, I would be most grateful.

  18. illuminati says:

    this deserves more than 2 episodes

  19. Lover says:

    This is gonna be a good series like Tsugoi no Yoi sexfriend,Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai and Maki-chan to Nau

  20. Gato says:

    I see the excellent potential in this

  21. Cuntg says:

    This was pretty good, but it missed smth

  22. Love russporn.rui says:

    13:50 reference ( Maki-chan to Nau) And ( Tsugou no Yoi Sexfriend ) both are great russporn.rus =)

  23. MrWubby says:

    Whoa, Great to see all of those heantai references in this episode :3

  24. algeexd says:

    Why I can’t on the new video on my phone please tell me why

    And if you can still download it please tell me how

  25. Anonymous7710 says:

    okay plz reply this hehe but just curious. was the girl he had sex last a virgin? I literally have no idea!!!

  26. Anonimous says:

    OMG…. ISNT THE GIRL FROM THE MAGAZINE “Kotori Hoshino” ????
    from… “Tsugou No Yoi Sexfriend”

  27. philippines says:

    many filipinos love heantai they want more episode of this we will pay a 500.000 yen if you have 5 episode or more of this.. make first before we pay

  28. philippines says:

    please make more if okay? the orange hair is so hot make them fuck in the street and have the orange hair girl gangbang by a gang

  29. iei says:

    omg omg this is heaven !! !! fuk real life

  30. jason says:

    all hail to his dick!!!!



  31. nigh says:

    lol any male or female would be happy with an ability like that irl lol

    wait a minute… does tie into that other h anime?

  32. james says:

    rei san, i love you, on all 4 eps was awesomelly very hot

  33. Thelastword12 says:

    Hahahahahahhahahahah the one who wrote the subtitles is wrong its condition!!! What i saw was constitution XD

  34. Kitsusaki says:

    When you click on this link there is a cover picture of a woman laying down on the bed. Where is that picture from


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