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M Okui Last Order Episode 1
You are going to watch/stream M Okui Last Order Episode 1 in English Sub/English Dub for free. M Okui Last Order Episode 1 is from the series M Okui Last Order. If you enjoyed M Okui Last Order Episode 1 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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35 Responses to “M Okui Last Order Episode 1”
  1. Yunoji says:

    Hey guys can anyone tell me what’s the name of the ending song is?

    • Evanjs says:

      I guess knowing the language doesn’t help 100% of the time – even the Japanese are having a hard time finding out what song it is
      />(These are nowhere near perfect translations btw, still suck at this)
      Comment 1. “I was also interested in finding this out, but I couldn’t find anything. Please tell me if you know the name of this song if there is one!”
      Comment 2. “Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything either. As some more information might come up in the future, I think you should try checking in about a week. Don’t make light of ero-anime (hentai).”
      So I guess everybody’s in the dark on this one >.>

  2. Souta says:

    Nice ending song

  3. someloser says:

    It was another fun day, until I suddenly realized that for some reason women were raping the men and the woman was getting ntr’d instead of the man It wasn’t opposite day, it was femdom day…

  4. passinby says:

    Lol at the reverse ntr

  5. Unoshot says:

    well femdom. That is differently something rare then the usual stuff we see out there.

  6. Anon says:

    Damn those internal shots were hot.

  7. Drick says:

    why when women rape men(if ever), it’s nothing. When men rape women, it’s the worst thing you’ll ever do. :)

    • Oss says:

      I wouldnt mind if some woman wanted to rape me. Go right ahead.

    • 4_Shakuras says:

      Gotta agree here. There are a lot of hypocritical scumbags lurking about this site. *rollseyes*

    • lolispliff says:

      …the same gender role bullshit that blames the woman when she’s raped by a guy …encourages society to laugh when a man claims he was raped by a woman.

      *true* feminism looks at both and says “it’s the same thing, they are both wrong…let’s stop laughing and blaming the victims”

  8. Jayjay says:

    any other russporn.rus like this one , with reverse rape . its kinda hot

  9. hgjhj says:

    we realy need this kind of and stop producting loli crap… its bored n conspiration loli shit

  10. Piolo Pascual says:

    why so ugly ?
    this video can’t make my penis bigger and harder ?

  11. Jim says:

    Really? One headbutt and the guy is down? If they are really that weak, how do they think they can take on anyone?

  12. XDARKNEXUSX says:

    (????) NICE

  13. Zearta says:

    Well I’m a girl, and reverse rape turns me on. But usual rape things just grosses me out (like in Koruinu with those filthy ogres things soiling pure elf, like no thank you).

  14. Maltza says:

    Reverse-rape is still rape tsk tsk

    • Denied says:

      Well, rape can be interpreted into sex without consent. Reverse rape is not rape because for it to happen, a dude has to NOT want sex. The very thought causes chaos to my manly-hood.

      • ac says:

        so fucking retard, Im sure you would say it’s not rape when youre forced to come past 1-2 time in a row.
        IM sure you’d say that bro.
        and 2 you must be a rapist, thinking the girl enjoy it she must do aswell… fucking sick rapist you’re better off dead

  15. AkaiKurai says:

    Hrmmm Been notice a lot of the ntr.s recently, or has it always been that way?

  16. Surfer09 says:

    Nettorare type of is just the Best xD …… I love it … especially the hardcore cheating ones (I prefer girls) hahahaha love it ^_^ and also when the guys finds out and leaves with tears hahaha the best <3 … btw I'm a dude

  17. King_Z_ says:

    this is sooooo GoooD i cum at my chair

  18. lolo says:

    i be like “there is a comment section, wtf!!. this place is way better than anyother side ive been on s far” XD was trying to figure out what the was about, never found out good fab material thou :3

  19. Joe says:

    Lol even in reverse NTR the woman is getting some

  20. JiujitsuLover says:

    Reverse NTR. Not seen much of that and I must admit it was arousing. Wouldn’t mind seeing more of this in the future.

  21. Aburamagi says:

    Those guys are pathetic… :o they must’ve enjoyed that ntr

  22. D-man says:

    This movie was short, but fantastic! And the funny thing about it all is that no man can ever get raped. Simple fact, if a man’s having a hard on during the so-called “rape”, than he’s not being raped because he’s enjoying it somehow.

    • Otaku King says:

      I only agree with the film being fantastic part. There’s actually been some really strange cases of men being raped though such as using tools to shock a man into producing an erection. You’re also implying that a man has to have a hard on to be raped.

  23. Passa says:

    i think everyone here is taking this “this is rape/this is not rape” a bit too seriousely, here. Yeah, IRL a woman raping a man is as much awfull than a man raping a woman, and all the bastard who do such thing deserve to pay seiousely for it!
    …but this is “just” a videos, and in world, raped woman seems very common (and in way worst cases than what happen to that poor guy here), so it’s fine if there’s also reverse rape vid, no?
    On a side note, i don’t really like this, but just because i’m not comfortable with the artsyle.

  24. Kasuke says:

    Wie kommt man zur 2. Folge?


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