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Laura in Trouble
You are going to watch/stream Laura in Trouble in English Sub/English Dub for free. Laura in Trouble is from the series .3D, Laura in Trouble. If you enjoyed Laura in Trouble please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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42 Responses to “Laura in Trouble”
  1. celeb says:

    1 really

  2. russporn.ruboyu says:

    And here I was excited by a new upload… This is not new to me… But nice upload…

    • I3unny says:

      Thank you for your supportive comment
      I’m sorry you had to watch it again I will choose something that you already haven’t watched.

      • RedNin says:

        If you want to upload a 3D that not most people have watched, I suggest you start on uploading the new releases of 3D this month or the previous month, of course if that is possible. I’m just saying and I even I don’t think it’ll be easy to get those new release.

  3. DatOverflow says:

    lol that F rating.. cant say as much for the video itself though..

  4. Rebornjm says:

    so a genius leaves a gun on the floor also she isnt tied up also noone noticed they just chilled and waited for her to recover smh they deserve to die

    • I3unny says:

      If you saw the video, a guy floating around dropped the gun for laura
      The bad guys didn’t leave the gun on the floor it was because of that jack in the box looking guy that laura was saved and aided.

  5. decker says:

    Meh vid; awesome credits music tho. Anyone know where the music is from?

  6. decker says:

    nevermind – found it here:


  7. Go-kun says:

    As I read the title I instantly thought “LAURA NOO!” Then I watched and said “LAURA! YES! OHHH YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”

  8. I3unny says:

    Thanks everyone for the amazing comments
    I will try and find really good one for you guys, because all I want is for you guys is to be happy
    That is my true wish so, thank you again guys next I will upload one that you will all probably like <3

  9. samtan says:

    Hilarious ending…a scout from pyro land *team fortress 2* drops a p2000 *counter strike global offensive* and she kills vaas *far cry 3* you can’t see his face but his clothes are the same.

  10. Mesias says:

    I3unny shut up these peseants with the most glorious and arousing 3D

    “Takarasarashi no Natsuyasumi” This one is just fucking amazing

  11. Noob says:

    I actually saw this on some other webstite once and remember trying to find it again, which didnt work out so well lol. So im happy that this is here now :D !

  12. GamerGoodies says:

    This is my honest opinion after watching this.

    If there is going to be more LIKE this it’s needs to be in a seperate tab like the manga or games tab. Cause this just isn’t It also didn’t felt that arousing to me. It just looked like one of those video’s you see in Team Fortress where the tank guys screams out SANDWICH and crap.

    I don’t really mind the 3D but this…this felt nothing like 3D xD….Nonetheless though everyone has there fetish, but i think it’s a good idea to have an upload tab for 3D only.

    • I3unny says:

      Thanks for letting us Know and I have talked to ToT about that putting them in different catogories and he will update stigma soon <3

  13. ..... says:

    Just an advice. If you want to put 3d genres in this site, put the new releases each month because most of the people here already watched most of the 3D videos and I will be thankful because it’s HARD to find sites that have the newly released 3D russporn.rus.

    • I3unny says:

      Thank you so much for your coporation with stigma, I want to tell you that I looked over your comment and I picked some new 3d that all of you guys will like

  14. ltworld says:


  15. GW says:

    Title is actually “Lara in Trouble” cause this is a 3D Porn based upon the newest Tomb Raider Game/Lara Croft.

    If people are interested in more, this is from Studio F.O.W. who are freaking godly, so I also recommend “Kunoichi – Broken Princess” which is also from them featuring Kasumi from DOA.
    I’d leave a link to their blog if I could, but not sure if it’s allowed.

  16. Odz says:

    the guy at 7:35 looks like Vaas from FarCry 3 :) )

  17. I3unny says:

    Okay I will take all your suggestion thanks guys

  18. Aeila Yozora says:

    Please post umemaro 3D russporn.rus :)

  19. ifrit says:

    Get well soon leon…


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