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Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Episode 1
You are going to watch/stream Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Episode 1 in English Sub/English Dub for free. Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Episode 1 is from the series Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru. If you enjoyed Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Episode 1 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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184 Responses to “Kuroinu: Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru Episode 1”
  1. MonsterRapeFetish-Girl says:

    There needs to be more with monsters. And not monster-girls. I’m talkin about orcs, minotaurs, etc. <3 So sexy but so hard to find :c Always boring humans.

  2. SluttmuffinDevilWorship says:

    Not enough anal fissures.

  3. NormalDave says:

    MonsterRapeFetish-Girl does have a valid point. Such content is virtually non-existent as of late. It’s a terrible shame too, human females just don’t seem to cut it for those of us in the market for something a bit more potent.

  4. Your Sick says:

    I get it. People like this stuff, I watch it for a reason. But why the hell is this top rated? THIS. IS. SICK. It’s rape. Horrible rape. Most of you are men correct? Imagine having your ass ripped apart, how does that sound? As a female, this makes me cringe. And for the ass hat that said that real life girls don’t cut it, that’s because girls don’t enjoy pain. Most of the time, girls like to give their virginity to someone they trust not to hurt them, BECAUSE THEY DON’T LIKE PAIN. Let alone rape, which is by someone you don’t trust and don’t know in case you haven’t realized (oh, and is ILLEGAL), and having your body literally ripped apart, as shown in this How would you feel if someone slowly ripped your skin open? Oh! Or better yet, quickly ripped your skin open? Oh, and imagine your mother, father, sibling, forced you to have sex with them and then not only does your whole school/work know, the whole world has access to that information. So even if your okay with it, you still have to deal with the embarrassment. Why don’t you choose something more decent and a little less demeaning to women.

    By the way, how ’bout the next time you watch something like this, imagine yourself in the females place and see if you don’t cringe.

    If anyone comments back calling me a bitch, hoe, what ever the hell else, and/or says I don’t “get” it. Well dido, in advance.

    • CTK says:

      Fuck off with your political beliefs feminist. This is a fucking FANTASY PORNO. No Shit its fake and fucked up. If there was a real video of girls getting raped most people here wouldn’t watch it. And you’re talking about love and relationships on a fucking porno? Do you not know what fucking website you are on?! Thats like going to instagram then going apeshit saying “WOW, you picture whores! Wheres a picture of your diploma!” Like seriously, fuck off. Go troll somewhere else Feminazi.

      • ggfgufdgdjg says:

        Jusr two words for the big comment person. FUCK OFF YOU PIECE OF SHIT. It is not like you are getting raped you ass. It is only a cartoon you psycho. Go post all this shit on fb or twitter u dumb moron.

    • Just saying says:

      Hi, female here! I find it very hot actually. :) Thanks for your unneeded input, go read Fifty Shades of Grey or something if this is too much for your fragile sensitivities, because no one gives a shit, princess.

      • A friend says:

        Finally someone that is not like “oh my god this is so bad cause its rape blablabla” its just fantasy let people have fun

    • Lana says:

      Um, okay? Like others say it’s a anime that is only fantasy… I couldn’t picture doing this with any other guy. You’re so judgmentally moronic for calling people on here out to be rapists or weirdos, and now you won’t even acknowledge your comment by not responding back, hahaha. You’re the reason why feminists are getting a bad name. Can’t I just enjoy myself without people like you negatively ruining something meant to not be taken seriously?!

    • plaugish says:

      While I can understand where you’re coming from, and I will admit to seeing this, and thinking “Man, fuck those guys!”, you have to understand that there is a fetish for just about EVERYTHING. And to your comment about how real girls don’t like pain, some actually do. So do some boys. These are commonly known as masochists. Maybe not as common as they are in, but they still exist. Finally, it’s not SUPPOSED to be realistic. Those girls are elves. They use magic. And you’re focusing on how they’re being “ripped apart”? It’s a cartoon. Fake.

    • plaugish says:

      While I can understand where you’re coming from, and I will admit to seeing this, and thinking “Man, fuck those guys!”, you have to understand that there is a fetish for just about EVERYTHING. And to your comment about how real girls don’t like pain, some actually do. So do some boys. These are commonly known as masochists. Maybe not as common as they are in, but they still exist. Finally, it’s not SUPPOSED to be realistic. Those girls are elves. They use magic. And you’re focusing on how they’re being “ripped apart”? It’s a cartoon. Fake.

    • Fey says:

      I do imagine myself in the female’s place. That’s the point for me (plus, I’m a girl, so there’s that…). There is a big difference between fantasy and reality, and animated features like this provide an outlet for sexuality that cannot be carried out in real life/we wouldn’t necessarily like in real life.

      Particularly because I have real experience with sexual abuse, making even roleplaying out noncon scenes too close to real for me, things like this provide a safe outlet for my noncon kink. (Also of course no one actually wants to be raped, but rape fantasies are actually fairly common).

    • Tosh says:

      How do u get a invitation

    • Fanatiikon says:

      Cry more in the past 2 years i came 100 times maybe more to this anime :) :*

    • Eraz14 says:

      I understand your point of view, and me too I think it’s not clean, I’m a man and I think that people are looking for strange things more and more. They do as they want, Japanese also do the work that they want, It’s called liberty. You just said that girl give their virginity to the one they “trust” or “like”, but many girl just fuck with people that they barely know (Trust me, I know some kind of them) and I think that what you said is true for the majority and it shall be like that, because girl that just fuck for the pleasure are some meaningless bitch.
      Thanks for reading, and I hope people will someday become clean and not totally perverted or bathed in pleasure.

    • Note taker 12 says:

      Lady, please remain calm…you have to understand that people are complex and have fantasies even of rape, and many of us know it is wrong and we don’t do it. On way for us to curb it it through In real life I am fairly mild and shy,but I do have fantasies,so I look at this stuff to find an outlet, and I too some time get repulse by it and it makes me want to nice to the woman around me. It is strange and may be incomprehensible for you but things exist for a reason. The reason the rapist put it the blame on this stuff is that it is an easy and accessible way of alibi their own fault, they probably did not have a good frame of mind even with out these kind of influences.

    • Yawn says:

      Now now, don’t be a cunt. This is the wrong place for your whining. The fact of the matter is, people have their fetishes. Save your shit for the people who actually do go out and rape people; I think you’ll find them to be the ones who are truly depraved. Anyway, what the fuck are you doing on a site anyway? You do realize that about 75% of is rape, right? Obviously this is quite a step above rape, but you seem to have underlined the fact that this is rape to be quite an alarming factor in how disgusting it is and how disgusting we are for watching it. The chances of you actually reading this are slim, but this has to be said:

      This is an animated fantasy porno that demeans women, and you are complaining about it to a bunch of horny men who clearly love it. Just what in the name of fuckery were you trying to accomplish here?

    • Anonocon9000 says:

      People watch this kind of stuff because they know they can’t do it in real life. Something that size would kill her the instant it went it, it’s not possible. And as far as things like rape go, I realize it’s a horrible thing. I can’t imagine anything that could be worse besides torture. But this is a fetish, and just like you can’t control which gender you’re attracted to, neither can you control what fetish your stuck with. If anyone did something like this in real life, I’d understand why you’d feel so appauled. The difference between fantasy and reality is that people can get hurt, that I agree with you on, but this is supposed to be a safe environment so please stop saying that the people that enjoy it are “sick”. Also, the grammar in your name is wrong; it’s supposed to be “you’re sick”.

    • Sorry Princess says:

      ? think ? will continue fapping to this. Princess.

    • pussymagnet69 says:

      are you stupid? or what? i did hated NTR and rape in now i still do but i don’t care as much as i did before. i did wanted to kill the guy who rape and NTR. but now i got us to it and i can watch most of those no problem. not long ago i realized something first, is made in japan and in japan there is a lot of teenager and grownups stay in the house eating chips big and fat don’t have work using their parents money. people make for money and NTR is based on those fat guys who can’t get a girlfriend. they buy it and they watch it and think even they are so fat they can get a girlfriend from a handsome guy, it satisfies their mind. about why this is so many people like it is because, people come to site to fap only if you want romantic go watch anime. i have see a lot and i know this is a good even though i don’t like NTR and rape so much this is probably my favorite rape of all time. all i am saying is this is a good faping material that is why this is top. i do agree with you that rape is not correct but think, in real life when a women is getting raped as long as they have their hands free they will use what every they could to escape. so most of the sex slave and rape won’t work in real life. and most of NTR cases in real life man will get very angry and even will kill other ones. unlike heentai. so wake up and just use to fap and get it over with. a advice when you are watching NTR and rape just focus on the sex scene of the girl. don’t complain so much on a website. makes everyone thinks you have low IQ.

    • says:

      I see your point, I thought too as a female like why was it so rapey and then i imagined how hot it would be if the tables were turned…what if there was a with monster women with like dick strangling vaginas and the men would just beg and plead as the vaginas strangled there little penises…That would be beautiful. And the guy would be in cute poses…i mean yaoi is too romantic. I want a guy being objectified really really hard :) I mean if you guys know any hit me up/ and what if instead of princeses tool bag prince guys aggghhh i love it. There is not much wronge with the rapey fantasy…theres just not enough of it for us girls. There should be some guys choking on clits and getting smothered by boobies ^^ If you thought this was sick the dad one is way worst…yeeesh.

      • MonsterGirlQuestisgreatm8 says:

        There is a Visual Novel series called “Monster Girl Quest” however it is very recent and wont get a or anime adaptation anytime soon.

    • Tentaclepornlover says:

      I would love to be one of those girls
      Well, maybe not, cuz there arent enough tentacle :P
      Sorry youre too full of your own beliefs and opinions to let other people enjoy their fetishes ;P

    • forreal says:

      What make it awesome is the fact that after getting raped she crave for more. Its a fantasy she ain t tromatise or anything she want more penis and that make it awesome

    • forreal says:

      I wish women would be like in, No traumatize rape experience just plain craving for more sex. I guess mankind would be fucked since we would have sex all the time and do nothing else.

    • botc76 says:

      The amount of ridiculous hypocrites who think they get to decide which fetishes are too sick is astonishing.

      There’s stuff that I don’t like to see, stuff that is too weird or sick for me (not gonna name it, because I don’t want to offend people who like it), but I don’t judge the people watching it, because I know from myself that I like to watch stuff in which I never in a million years would want to do/see in real life. Fuck, most of it I wouldn’t even want to see as live-action.

      And I also don’t make it a point to watch shit I don’t like and then get all high and mighty and judgemental in the comments.

      Seriously, the OP and the people who agree with her, get a life and get your head out of your arse.
      This is fantasy. Fantasy. No elves were harmed during the filming of this anime.

      And it’s “You’re sick.”
      Not “Your sick.”
      This stupid error is much more annoying than any I don’t like.

    • That One Guy says:

      Violent video games make you commit violence! Slasher movies make you kill people! makes people into rapists! /s

      Seriously, why put down a nonviolent alternative to acting out fantasies? People gotta get their jollies somehow. Better alone with a computer and animation than any alternative.

    • redd says:

      your sick is right now im a guy but i jus tried watching this and well doing so imagining that happing to me i lost my boner right away so yeah i get it this stuff is fucked up but so am i but none the less if i was to give this anime a rating id give it a 10 for plot and -1 for everything else i mean isnt made for the plot but this one has it and though before i read her comment and then watched it i did like this anime but it is still fucked up even the first time i watched this it seemed fucked up but now i know it is fucked up

    • XxiSinnxX says:

      STFU bitch! What are you even doing here? We all know that this scene is crazy as fuck. No one is getting ripped off this way in real life. This is just an anime, a And there’s no orcs out there really! -_-.

    • girl says:

      I am a girl and I find this hot… it’s just fantasy it’s not real..

    • Ken kaneki says:

      I’m a guy, and I see what your saying, I thought that was horrible what they did to the woman in the he tai, all I could think of while watching it was , wow I hate that commander I want to kill him ????

    • Elemental_magic says:

      Facepalmed while reading it. You must be fun at parties.
      Also you are an idiot watching this if it doesn’t appeal to you. you are telling you re watching it because of reasons. You re just more idiot because having reasons to watch things that doesnt appeal to you. Sheer amount of stupidity in your post makes me think how naive fool people can get. I also watch it for reason but i will write those reasons here: Ahegao, Dark Skinned, Elf/Dark Elf, Rape, Magic, – monster is a minus in my opinion but others triumphs over it.

    • Reason says:

      This is a story of simple revenge. The King hates all these girls for a dark special meaning and they are the obstacles in his quest. In the end none can defeat him and they are all enslaved to his evil revenge and their own dark desires. That’s all that happened. If you want a different story then you simply create your own.

      Her story is that in real life this would never happen because of morals and the fact that because we all know them we must abide by them. I honestly think that what this is meant to show is that all things can be changed and her opinion may have been the catalyst to create this man’s dark revenge.

    • J says:

      I was raped at 13, I know what its like to be in that position. Yet here i am 6 years later getting off to this. I find it hot, its a kink. Fantasy is fantasy. And the rapists are painted as bad guys. George R.R. Martin doesn’t endorse the real life murder of hundreds of people, J.K Rowling doesn’t endorse the real life murder or manipulation of innocent children, Susanna Collins doesn’t endorse pitting 4 people, mostly kids, together in a violent competition, and rape porn doesn’t endorse rape. Its fucking fantasy. Get over yourself

    • LittleRiceGrain says:

      Well gee wiz. What about the yaoi that girls more commonly watch where little boys are being raped and whipped etc. This is a fantasy and here on the internet, it would be hypocritical for you to point out any single facet of porn, because honestly? You could probably find all of this content happening to a guy as well.

      Once again, this is FANTASY. Just because guys watch this doesn’t mean they’re gunna go and fucking rape someone. Just like how people who watch other anime or TV aren’t gunna do what they watch. Go take your blind opinionated ass to another website. Don’t pick and chose what to bitch about, you fucking feminazi

    • Bangsat says:

      What the hell?Why this in top rated???It make me angry!!Ahhhh Shit

  5. lzbin80 says:

    Feminine spirits are sunken/dent?constant/stable, vacuum, drag, passive, natural, golden ratio, elastic, tend to, multi processing, loving, protective, soft minded, powerful in a unseen way etc…

    masculine spirit are extrude, constructive, logical like, challenging to nature, destructive in lots way, explosive, sudden/fast, momentum/hard to stop, deciding, unstable, powerful, etc

    The above anime certainly classified into exteme masculine sexual style, and feminine one just simply wont understand. However, such a unbalanced style of anime is not recommanded to exist in real world as this may cause masculine problem such as extreme and unstablility etc. and vice versa.

    I may not mention all the characteristics above.

    • lovethelove says:

      You know what? Fuck you. It is only an anime for fun (i mean fap). It is not like you are getting raped you bitch. So stop bitching here and let us fap in peace.

    • Fey says:

      Wow, that sure is a whole bunch of pseudo-scientific sexist drivel. Please stop talking. Also hi I’m femme as fuck and I like this

    • FuckYou says:

      You forgot that females are: Bitchy, Unpredictable, Attention Whores, also most (mainly during HS) are whores.

      • RandomGuy says:

        You’re calling women bitches, whilst expecting them to treat you like a Saint? Lolz.(Worthless Prick)

        Counter to your opinion, most women are actually extremely nice and the most understanding of both groups. #GuyHere.

        Anyway.. “Treat women nice & you’ll be treated nice in return.”

        Peace out.

  6. wtfdidijustwatch says:

    i have only one question…WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DID I JUST WATCH??

  7. Hello says:

    I feel really bad for the guy who has to clean all of that up :(

  8. FullMetalPanic says:

    I have seen a lot of, but I feel this is a bit too sick for me, I don’t see how it is healthy to have these fantasies as normal thing. I respect all the points of view expressed here but I don’t appreciate them all. To me it is not ok to be mean to others, the fact that people are being mean and harsh and then defending the anime as not real abuse or fighting against anime for being abusive is inconsistent. Many members on this site are verbally abusive, to them I say please reflect on that, because that is REAL!

    • stupidFucker says:

      You must be very fun at parties.

    • Elemental_magic says:

      This is what we call internet, unless you say “internet should be illegal” your effort trying to make people more “polite” won’t change anything you are wasting your time as much as im wasting my time here writing this reply. So you aren’t actually so different from others here.

  9. Dark-Side says:

    Zzzzzz… Shut up and just FAP :3

  10. None says:

    Greaaaat!!! lovin it :)

  11. Hand_Solo says:

    I like how when the guy pulls out after cumming in the Queen another one slams his dick inside and immediately starts to cum, then the next guy, then the next guy. I knew they must’ve been fapping before hand but I looked at it as if they were ejaculating on command xD

  12. f42g45g says:

    This is the best I ever seen :D It excites me terribly.

  13. Kami says:

    You people are fucking sick, if you like this shit you should fucking kill yourselves.

    • tentacles says:

      1. Its illegal to tell someone to kill themselves
      2. Its illegal to tell someone to kill themselves
      3. Chill out, its monsters fucking other magical IMAGINARY creatures.
      4. Its, what did you expect
      5. Go fap to something else if you dont like it
      6. Its illegal to tell someone to kill themselves

      So have a nice day :)

  14. RandomGuy says:

    Dudes,and girl just chill out,its juts just shut up an masturbate XD

  15. heheheh says:

    Been watching this for years. A great fan of this work. Wish I could shake the hand of the writer. A fine job indeed. >:)

  16. pinkthalia says:

    im a female so orcs are not big deal

  17. The Raging Masked Newfag says:

    The following all comes from a man:

    You know that saying “your mouth says no, but your body says yes”? Half the time this is used in situations like this, your body is being a lying rat bastard. In other words, yeah, I got a hard-on to this– I also became violently sick to my stomach at the same time. This is quite possibly one of the most (if not THE most) depraved, morally void, sickening pieces of utter shit I’ve ever seen. Treating women like mindless sex toys without dignity or respect… the kinds of sick fucks who get off to that shit ought to be dragged out into the street and shot. I would’ve paid money just to see every last rapist prick in this get their dick and balls ripped out through their ass (which, incidentally, I also would pay money to see happening to every IRL male rapist as well).

    inb4 “fuck you man” or similar shit: Yeah? FUCK YOU HARDER.

    inb4 “you just don’t get it”: Ohhh, I completely fucking get it. I get that women ought to keep a taser and a can of mace handy whenever they’re within 100 meters of the sick bastard who wrote the story for this cesspool of a

    inb4 “it’s not like they’re raping you”: Yes, they are. They’re raping my faith in humanity.



    • Killer says:

      Really ? Then check eorophia it’s much more disturbing than this

    • ToAllFemnazisOutThere says:

      Now im not one to wright on forums but i must say that reading the comments on this was SO FUCKING FUNNY i mean feminists who comment on fetish, yea its a fetish so the fuck what. Are they raping real woman? Fuck no get over it you attention whores, this world is not all about you and people have needs
      (Also one of my fav russporn.rus hats off to whoever made it :D )

    • FA says:

      Think, would you do that to someone you love? This is a fucking cartoon. Moron

    • Dude whatever says:

      Well this comes from a girl:

      This is a fetish. No one cares if you don’t like it. The author made this because it appeals to certain fetishes people have. Being treated like a mindless sex toy, treated like a cum dump, being treated with no dignity, some people actually like that. Some men and women actually have that kink. Rape or at least taken by a person against there will (which I guess is the same thing) is also a fetish people have.
      Now obviously it is hard and immoral to fulfill some of these fetishes in real life. That is what russporn.rus are for. At least these are magical elves that have magic and these are ogres. No way possible could this actually happen. If she were human she would die. That’s why people get a thrill and arousal from this. Being put in her place with no repercussions (some even like the repercussions ) and being fucked silly without having your womb torn open is attractive to some women. They can use their imagination with this since this is impossible.
      If you want to kill the rapists in the world and this go ahead. I agree. But not this author. He’s just making money off providing to people’s wants and fetishes. Now if this were real it would be a different matter. But it’s not.

      Just get off your high horse and go jerk off to some vanilla emotional crap honey. While the rest of us, including women, enjoy this arousing

      • Kei_=^-^=_???? says:

        You said it! ^-^ wish she’d actually read what you said but she posted that comment a year ago…i think she got tired of reading her personal “hate” mail. But you expressed that opinion beautifully ;3; i agree with you entirely xxx

    • pussyslayer says:

      Watch Otomedori bro 10/10 lovey dovey vanilla

  18. Dianaranda says:

    Japan! we need more Monster please.
    If only to piss of the feminist idiots, But above all make great ones like this one.
    I love this, and i love the idea and the fantasy of being on a monsters cock, though i know physically it is just impossible.
    But i love to Roleplay it in certain games, and also i am a woman you damn feminist come in to ruin everything, and pretend to speak for All women, But no you dont speak for me.

  19. holy shit says:

    Holy shit this is brutal wow this is beyond brutal actually and im a guy and i say this is evil immoral and wrong this is what creates a rapist like dammmmn

    • MinervaX says:

      Brutal? Have you ever read Ovid’s Metamorphoses? REAL MAN rapes REAL WOMAN (sister of his wife) and slices her tongue off with a sword so she can’t tell her sister. Understand that this is fantasy, and don’t blame it for the depravity of humans. This is about the sex, which is not even the use of rape. Think first , post later/never.

  20. Koko says:

    To all the girls here that watched this and either found it hot or not.

    Take an ecstasy and see what you’re capable of :)

    • Len says:

      No! Just no dude…
      There are already Pornstars who always use painkillers to get the job done, you suggesting a drug and finding out the limit of heir body (which is dumb in itself since drugged you won’t know. you end up dead before you know it)

  21. Kei_=^-^=_???? says:

    Damnnn. O/ this is so good ahh >_< thank satan for giving us russporn.rui xxxxx ;3; ~Nya?

  22. GamerGoodies says:

    Everytime I watch this, these thought’s immediately come to mind. “she now has a broken pelvis, she now has busted the hinge of her mouth….everything is now busted and or ruptured, she should be dead by now!”

  23. She is dead says:

    She is now dead, what a lovely tale of fucking

  24. Len says:

    Hahaha, the comments again. not sure if that rage or the reply s, who blame everything on feminism (and have clearly no idea about it), are funnier. Please learn to differentiate between reality and fiction. No one who watches fetish porn (animated or real) is going to go out and force themselves upon others, but actually gets consent from the partner. (at least I hope there are none, but one fucked up person is probably here)
    Dumb comment suggesting what ever you like in fiction you would also like to see in reality (no more Horror movies or about war)

    I still really like it after all the years. It’s made pretty good, bummer is the censoring.
    Would prefer actual armor waaaay above the skimpy ones. Would have been a bigger turn on if after the first layer the skimpy ones would show.
    prefer the first, since the annoying guy isn’t involved (sucks that he didn’t suffer or die slowly at the end)

  25. psimancer says:

    wow normally i am a vanilla guy but after reading these comments i have to watch this once if for no other reason than to file it with the cool devices and bible black series as not for my taste
    as far as the females responses above

    detractors : from a psychiatric perspective each individual is different some rare individuals are negatively influenced by the media they view however these individuals also already showed signs of mental issues before the influence of media could exacerbate the problems as with roleplaying games (d&d champions runequest etc etc ) the problems were there first like looking at the hoover dam from a mile away its smooth but at 10 feet its full of cracks
    therefor even without media influence the persons will eventually become criminals
    most individuals are not influenced by the media in their daily lives but do use media to explore or enjoy fantasies in a safe way without harm to others

    supporters : your mostly correct and i applaud your respectfulness to your fellow humans

    personally : i love to find one of those women who enjoys cuddling and loving relationships and sex and at the same time enjoys jumping a man and riding him until he passes out

    and yes i like both mounds and almond joy candy bars

  26. uluejack11 says:

    I loooove! I need a real life one

  27. Elemental_magic says:

    Personally don’t like monsters in but this one have ahegao + dark skinned + elf + rape… those triumphs over my dislike of monster russporn.rus. Its really good. I am atm readiing and just laughing at hater comments.

  28. Cryer says:

    I’m crying poor elf

  29. Josh Mcdonald says:

    Us rape lovers don’t leave many comments

  30. genzoke says:

    Fuck, this number 1 favorited make me sick. Shit, this is going to stuck in my head for o’couple of month, shit!

  31. gamsung says:

    What is that picture from player?

  32. she's clit says:

    lmfao she would’ve passed out the second those monsters fucked her. be hilariously unreal. Honestly if ya get upset with these sci-fi ones don’t even look up the normal ones.

    your’s truy, her <3

  33. Blarny says:

    For all the haters. Just think about it. In your millions of years of evolution there have definitely been cases of rapes in which some of your great grand parents has been conceived. In other case you just wouldn’t exist. So be happy and fap.

  34. Mozgus says:

    Anyone know the creator or the artist name?


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