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Garden The Animation Episode 2
You are going to watch/stream Garden The Animation Episode 2 in English Sub/English Dub for free. Garden The Animation Episode 2 is from the series Garden The Animation. If you enjoyed Garden The Animation Episode 2 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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59 Responses to “Garden The Animation Episode 2”
  1. Folly says:


    Why would you tease me like this?


  2. Gloryslayer says:

    how long more do i have to wait T_T

  3. Code Unknown says:

    The admin are sadists….

  4. Dick says:

    not enough loli, dissapointing

  5. RXP45 says:

    So this is the last ep?
    Hmm too bad, twas not as good as the first ep in my opinion.

  6. Lorisor says:

    Bad End lol ain’t nothin you can do about it. Though it was obvious from the first episode so there’s no reason to feel bad about it. It’s a trend these days Good Art + Bad End.

  7. KinkyPedoBear says:

    I are disappoint, too much bewb too little flat chests.

  8. kuru says:

    I love episode 2! best H scenes yet! 10/10

  9. Taiit0 says:

    I don’t get the ending xO

    What happened to his sister?
    And what is with this girl with turquoise?

    someone plz :_:

    • BillHive says:

      From what I gather, which could be entirely wrong, the blue-haired girl is the bitch of the old guy at the end. That old guy told the girl to have sex with the young guy to get him attached to her so that the rest of his harem (the two that were raped in this episode) would feel isolated and lonely, making them easier to break when they get raped. In the end, the old guy would make the young girl watch the blue-haired girl NTR him, leading to him getting no girls at all.

      Basically, this series was one big ploy to screw up a guy and his harem, pretty amazing huh?

  10. David says:

    At some point i felt bad for blue haired girl getting raped by the three man.

  11. GamerGoodies says:

    ugh….such a turn off when i see the ugly male’s faces… seriously its like….ohh cute girl o:…..and when i see the guy i am like…..WHY YOU MAKE MY PEN0R GO LIMP YOU UGLY FAT FACES D< seriously i do NOT want to see old men doing it with cute young girls,. Such a turn off =w=

    Its also very disapointing, i sense alot of NTR….specially with that old guy taking away all of his love romance it seems. (easily seenable how it is….=w=) well if i am wrong please do me wrong XD

    • GhostXVI says:

      ….Then why did you even watch this?

      • Go-kun says:

        Why even ask that? The guy wanted cute girls, not grotesque manly faces. I’m sorry, I just hate when people say “why watch it then?” etc., as if one is not able to “give it a try” then express their disappointment if there is something they don’t like.

        • 4_Shakuras says:

          Maybe you SHOULD stop watching ero anime. It’s clearly not for crybabies like you. Less whining the better.

          • Shinra says:

            He gave the video a try and did not like it. Please be respectful of people’s opinions and don’t make an ass of yourself. I gave this video a try even though I saw the tags. I would have never known if I like it or not if I didn’t watch it. There are some or should I say a “select few” NTR and CHEATING out there that are enjoyable in certain aspects.

            Stop commenting on people’s opinions, telling them to stop trying/watching video(s). Less whining.

            • 4_Shakuras says:

              Except they’re NOT giving their opinions, they’re WHINING. Big difference. Stick to shit you like instead of bitching about stuff you don’t. Simple.

              • Himitsu says:

                It would be hard to stick to what one likes if one does not know what one does not like, it is very possible that one could be testing waters so to speak, so as to learn what one does or does not like.

  12. BillHive says:

    Those guys suppose to be American otakus? Anyways, not my kind of artstyle but the scenes were awesome.

  13. Deep Explorer says:

    I always get this error every time I play flowplayer videos? 200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
    Do you know how to fix it cause I think I am one of the few who are having this problem?

  14. Zephy says:

    Don’t feel upset for the main guy (well, not that upset). It doesn’t really come off that well in a direct translation but the manga and this anime portray the main character as a bit of a jerk. His mannerisms make him out to be kinda a douche bag, so when he gets NTR’d, it kinda feels like he had this coming. It’s why he’s singled out by the blue-haired girl in the first place.

    IMO, the sex scenes are great but the story is kinda shit. Why on earth do these girls have any interest in the main character. It’s not like he’s even friendly to them at all.

  15. Oss says:

    I cant belive how dissapointing episode 2 was. Sure, there was much more sex scenes, but by some reason I liked the first one much much better.

  16. Win says:

    why ugly men?! . .-_-

  17. Win says:

    I want a part 3 where he’ll torture those ugly old men to death!~ Though It will never happen, because maybe the Author of this Manga is an old ugly psycho pedophile who wanna fuck his young daughters( damn u incest! Die and go to hell!) that’s why he’s ruining the harem of that young man

  18. really says:

    Fu*k! Really? I don’t care about the guy but wtf? Is with ending! Getting NTRed by some ugly ass dude. Does guys love when girls are fucked by that kind of people. I just soo angry because the art was amazing and the plot from the ep 1 was decen. Fudgeeee!!!!!…..

  19. LoliRapeMaster says:

    Why no more Ninjin? :(
    And why the fuck does Azami suddenly have long hair now? I thought it was a different character but they call her Azami. How did she grow a shit ton of hair in just a few hours? Lol she was cuter with short hair. This one wasn’t as good as the first ep

  20. says:

    anyone know where the I can find the manga of this so I can make a comparison?

  21. SinTheCat says:

    I like this, but it was sad to me that it was 1 black guy and 2 white guys on that little girl. It was to much for her.
    But how do i make a account on here???
    I dont know the code:{

  22. jamedom says:

    what the fuc.. with this ending. i lost all my feeling to masturbate with it =_=

  23. Zombie Fapper says:

    NTR Loli ftw bitches!…this so fuckin good :3

  24. cryingRightNow says:

    i’m 15 and i find this sad … i normally don’t feel sad for this type of stuff maybe it because it loli and on another note
    a black dick on her first time T_T her pussy is forever ruined.

  25. cryingRightNow says:

    soo sad

  26. crying says:

    really sad , i don’t normally get sad when watching , maybe it because this is loli rape .

  27. Memomess. says:

    I… sigh. I never ever been sad about watching How can I fap this? shitty storyline and no, don’t ask me “why are you watching this then ?” I just wanna know their storyline from the 1st place…. and fap.

    Hands down for this

  28. 3XK4P3 says:

    FUCKING PLOT!, i dont understand nothing at the end Q_________Q

  29. MADAO says:

    if one is to think about it, Hitsuji’s love for that guy ain’t so bad since it’s mutual and it just turned out that their target members were alll linked to the protagonist…. well, i really wanna see a third episode explaining how Hitsuji ended up loving him any way in much more details…. the only thing that has been bugging me, and will bug me for a couple of months more is that…. SHE FRIGGIN REMINDS ME OF HATSUNE MIKU QAQ” kawaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii <3 xD

  30. ToLegit4u says:

    The black guy was cool but that fat lol got me soft XD

  31. khhohoiho says:

    this shit is fuckup

  32. Lobotomie says:

    That fat guy ruined the mood -_-

  33. PeterhausenDxD says:

    Ending song

  34. anon says:

    I hate how they changed the ending into this bullshit. Completely ruined a great story. Smfh. For those who can read kanji or are able to find a translation, google garden by midori no ruupe.

  35. Katami says:

    What anon said, read Garden II by Midori no Rupe for the ending to this series. It is way better and ends the series on a good note (I’d say this ending is just the cliffhanger tbh)

  36. LordSm says:

    god Japan loves this type of I mean come on, who want to be played and be taken away right???

  37. MrBlue says:

    Honestly that gang bang scene just mostly made me want to beat the sht out of those guys …or punch my screen….I don’t know why, scenes like that don’t normally affect me one way or another, but that one pissed me off.

  38. dark potato says:

    What the hell.ending is this fuck god this is totally a mess plot.but the animation and the sex scene is great but why they do a gangbang with no sweet plot or the girl wants it. COME on japan

  39. Why Japan says:

    That forced NTR with Azami gave me blue balls, even she was crying as she was forced into unbelievable and generic NTR trash. At least he deserved it with Hitsugi for being a cliche chucklefuck character, and nobody even knows “Senpai” so whatever. Who the fuck claims to love someone, than proceed to fuck someone else every single day while living with them(in a fucking basement to boot) and not going home?

    Why does always have the worst stories? They could probably just make scenes with next to no context while having minimal personal dialogue and they would be far better than most all stories since they could put their budget to what people are watching it for.

  40. Brader says:

    Maybe they continue the mc from this story it call sei shoujo


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