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Garden The Animation Episode 1
You are going to watch/stream Garden The Animation Episode 1 in English Sub/English Dub for free. Garden The Animation Episode 1 is from the series Garden The Animation. If you enjoyed Garden The Animation Episode 1 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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74 Responses to “Garden The Animation Episode 1”
  1. Kuroneko says:

    It’s finally here, thanks.

    I’m a lolicon, and I had a great time fapping to this.

  2. taco says:

    Awesome. I assume the next episode will have a gangbang.

  3. Sumimasen says:

    Love the art but fucking Midori no Ruppe plots.
    Would have rather they gone with Imako System. Glorious reactions

  4. unknown says:

    wow, one of the few that make you want to know what comes next.
    I’m gonna go ahead and say that this is probably not gona end well.

  5. Marquiss says:

    LOVED IT. Well thats because i am a lolicon lol. But can someone explain what exactly is going in the story I am still a little confused.

  6. ohshi says:

    wow, really not gonna end well had hoped for a more ‘happy plot’
    sucks to see lolis treated that way :/. whyyyyy..

  7. Mastah says:

    Loli nice. Was hoping the brother would gradually give affection to the little sister and fuck her but guess the dad had other plans need subs to see why she followed the brother

    • Arara says:

      As far as I understand it was to make sure he wasnt doing anything bad(hanging out with bad/dangerous friends?). Although I’m not sure it seems like the dad knew he was having sex with that girl and wanted her to see it…

      • kissykat says:

        No, he wanted her to see it because idk he thought it would be a gateway to enable him dressing up as an alien and fucking her the girl looks like she’s like 9?

  8. Loliconfans says:

    awesome… i wan more plz…. any one can suggest me more of lolicon H…… other than imoto jiru… diakuji… little monica…

  9. DrGonzo says:

    Would’ve liked it better if it didn’t get so weird near the end. :/

  10. cridren says:


  11. Dzus says:

    Loli shouldn’t be this way.

  12. hyjinx17 says:

    sigh more rape bullshit fantastic. Why are all the good artists/art studios sick motherfuckers?

  13. LoliRapeMaster says:

    GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!! Loli+Rape+incest = happy fappers :)

  14. Mana says:

    this is nice art lol
    love this
    is this rate as loli or ntr

  15. irisxsama says:

    i love loli char and i loved the but the last part was just too wierd i mean what is she like 10 years old?!
    anyway beside this wierd part i really loved it and hope part 2 comes out soon

  16. dude says:

    Well that got super weird, super quick. Rape and loli should not go together.

  17. Joe says:

    dont like loli or NTR lol not sure why im watchin this. but i do like the art style tho

  18. darcmistes says:

    23:45, its that Kotomine Kirei?! o_o

  19. Cccel says:

    Loli’s, rape, this art, it’s only lacking two things. Tentacles, and light guro. (Technically three. But I don’t like extreme gore during sex, only outside.) Thanks for the upload! The world needs more loli’s in general, “fucked up” or otherwise.

  20. takashi says:

    WOAH!!! i was beginning to like this until i started to notice the dads creepy face. i knew he was up to no good the whole time. WTF!!! why it did have to end like this? kind of ruined it for me. i really couldnt watch that last scene. i guess the dad had this planned out the whole time. im also pretty sure that was the girl who was also in the same room/area as the dad and daughter. some of you guys love this and some of you guys hate this. were all pervs for being on this site in the first place. some people just different limits than others. that last scene was my limit. i really dont like rape. no one should be forced to have sex. the only thing that would make this worth it is if the brother finds out about this and kills the dad and that chick. seems like she was hired by the dad to seduce the brother so the little girl would catch them in the middle of it. the point im trying to make is. WE’RE ALL PERVS AT THE END OF THE DAY. SOME OF US JUST CANT STAND STUFF LIKE THIS. AGAIN! I HOPE THE DAD DIES. THAT BASTARD LMAO GOOD BYE GUYS. TAKE CARE.

    • inB4ban'd says:

      It wasn’t really rape. I actually watched it with subs just now, and even though she’s being all teary-eyed, she’s actually enjoying it the whole time. If you watch it ’til the end, you see her asking for more.

  21. FlamingMangos says:


  22. jamouyi says:

    i just love it when people leave comments and they use the work fapping lol its so funny no one barely use jerking off or beating my meat or ejaculating or stroking the my best friend

  23. Jinnosuke says:

    This was hard to even watch at the end. It would’ve been cute yeah if there was incest, but…that was just uncalled for man. I’ll keep this in watch for episode 2, due to the animation. But other than that, nope.

  24. Twistedes says:

    Sub is out.

    • bewildered says:

      nice time to play the waiting game

      im curious of whats happening here and those ladies have a eye move that makes ppl rape them lol

  25. 4_Shakuras says:

    So many butthurt posters in here. What a bunch of buzzkills complaining about how much they hate x genre/content. This is the part where I’d tell them to stick to shows they prefer instead, but I know I’m wasting my time trying.

  26. zex says:

    I came so fucking hard to this

  27. wax says:

    Actually it doesn’t follow the real story in the manga

  28. brendan says:

    Oh my god thus shit is so fucked up I couldn’t stop laughing and its fucking beautiful to I’m a proud pervert

  29. Kevin says:

    Who’s the guy raping the girl at the end?

  30. Neb says:

    Weird story, seems like he’s trying to build up a fuck cult… Don’t agree with the whole Rape bit, but this could work in real life!

  31. Oz says:

    will there be more

  32. Wtfisthishsit says:

    it was alright until that lats crap. This is fucking disgusting and wrong, that was not a loli that was little child. This shit should be banned.

  33. LegendaryLozer says:

    First part was fine, but from then on it was twisted. That was like a 11 year old. but the art was what kept me watching. But its still fucked up like a dog trying to has sex with God’s middle name.

  34. felix says:

    if any girl in highschool would know i liked this i may as well be a virgin

  35. samuez says:

    The scared face that the girl made in sex scene with the masked attacker was what did me in. How could something so precious be taken like that…this is why It’s so horrifying that there’s sex abuse against little kids like her.

  36. Atkk says:

    It’s fucking child porn!

  37. says:

    Skeleton Man saw through his plan, with his Skeleton Eyes.

  38. Ninjin*-* says:

    This is the best i´ve seen ever *____* and the fucker who dont like it shut up and dont watch it :* wanna more rape and loli russporn.rus like this .

  39. hotbabe says:

    wow this is awesome

  40. bitchtitswicked says:

    There wasnt any loli rape in this episode, are people dumb?

    • Retort says:

      Well, obviously you didn’t watch it all. There was a 10-12 year old girl raped by an old ass man in a suit.

  41. Grim Reaper says:

    Oh my ,… i love this H ….

  42. Twisted Lolicon Lover says:

    I don’t mind loli stuff but this went to the extremes and you know what’s funny you go and ask the creator he be like “uuhhhh so yeah she’s 20″ I mean wat da fuq is dis shit? His dick was like a quarter size of her!?!??!?!?!? And hey I mean I’m not saying I didn’t take my fav dildo with this but man o man! Most Lolicon I’ve ever seen.

  43. Twisted Lolicon Lover says:

    Anyone wonder why we gotta enter our email? Ever think the gov is gonna break down your door n fucking pepper spray our damned to no good eyes. I heard some jag-off went to jail cause he had well I guess he had a collection of loliporn I mean this is the only loli I’ve seen like this so yeah, of course I agree with porn,loli etc because it will keep a rapist from going out there and hurting an innocent girl because if there’s loli then the siko can just get his Hollywood off here. Good work porn/loli/ (not sure what ntr is so yeah)

  44. bob says:

    What in the actual fuck. Its totally normal like dude bangs chick cool whatever then it gets way too hardcore. Jesus not OK

  45. says:

    yush,rewatching this one <3 i love this

  46. flapadoda says:

    so..they just met.. fap fap fap ..and they both play video game’s.. fap fap ..and she agrees on having sex.. fap fap fap fap fap ..and they both play video games.. fap fap ..and they just met.. fap fap fap ..

  47. Araragi says:

    What the hell is Koyomi Araragi doing in there

  48. Matt says:

    Oh my god… I really almost called the FBI when I was watching this because of the fucking lollicon.

  49. MrStrange says:

    Im a Milf-a-con therefore disapointed (get it? :D ) but seriously i cant believe this loli shit is a thing

  50. swsss says:

    i want more


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