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Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare Episode 1
You are going to watch/stream Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare Episode 1 in English Sub/English Dub for free. Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare Episode 1 is from the series Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare. If you enjoyed Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare Episode 1 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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109 Responses to “Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare Episode 1”
  1. Xenrau says:

    The animation was pretty good compared to most others that have been released lately. I also found it strange how even though time was frozen they were letting out slight squeals and such, but gotta say my favorite part was at the end when it almost sounded as though they were playing a almost heroic music mixed with a bit of evil. That could have just been my imagination though.

  2. Lell says:

    Stopman manga from alansmithee everyone?

  3. mozard says:

    That was fucking awesome that awesome story whit frozen time it’s a fucking genius story nice keep going like thes.

  4. PervPatrol says:

    What’s the point in the time stop, even when they were unfrozen they were still passive and letting it happen.

    And “you’re already so wet here”. Time was frozen wasnt it? If her body doesnt function she’s not getting wet. Going in dry? That shits painful for both her AND him. Also “Just wait I’ll make you feel good”, that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works. Give these creators some biology lessons.

    Just another senseless vehicle for rape. They’re not even trying anymore. You could substitute the girls for realdolls cause that’s what they’re reduced to.

    • FlamingMangos says:

      What’s the point in questioning’s logic and whats the point in following real life’s logic in animation that is meant to satisfy horny people? Why the hell do you want it to be realistic? Go watch 3D porn if you want realistic stuff.

      • 4_Shakuras says:

        That asshole should’ve been banned a long time ago, but mods prefer being part of the problem.

        • PervPatrol says:

          Banning people because you dont like their viewpoint, wwwweeehhhh. Maybe you should’ve called yourself 4_Shekels.

        • says:

          why… the fuck are u aplying logic to…. also ur mad about this giving them excuses for rape? u really think they lack ways to rape girls? ……. and as if girls were not already reduced to dolls in like 90% of ..and no one minds. If ur really so bothered by rape dont watch it …cuz no one cares… cuz most pll who watch rape are males…. who like it sooooooooooooooooooo…. yehhh.

      • PervPatrol says:

        It’s not so much about being realistic as who they think they’re catering to. You really have to be of a certain low level of IQ/EQ if your satisfaction is completely unrelated to morality or logic. That’s sociopath level stuff right there. I would think it’s insulting to project that on your target audience (“We know we can get away with this cause you’re all fucking fiends”).

      • woot says:

        Actually if you try these key words “time stop”, you would find countless real porn videos both Japanese and non-Japanese. This h-anime may be the first to animate this fetish and possibly starts a new trend in the market. While my question is somewhat alike with yours, and with respect to others’ viewpoint, I gotta say I am surprised by how irritated this guy was with some other people’s preferred genres.

        Did they do something to you? Why do you feel insulted? This type of h-anime is clearly not targeted towards you, right? You call others stupid, low EQ/IQ. What’s wrong with you? There’s literally no logic and moral when it comes to porn. It is the basic instinct. A beast within everyone. EQ/IQ does not matter here at all because a porn video will not improve these indexes. If you hate these genres, you have the choice to not watch it. And save yourself from all these ridiculous emotional issues.

        P/S: funny how he keeps saying nah it’s not about being realistic when all his arguments say otherwise.

        • PainKing says:

          I dunno, I think he’s been pretty level-headed in his responses, despite being trolled and attacked by you and several other people. I mean, you guys are the ones that seem angry, and all just because 1 person on the internet doesn’t like something you like. I’m surprised at how agitated ya’ll are getting with someone’s preferred and not preferred genres.

          All he did was post his opinion and point out a few flaws in the anime….it’s no big deal. Yet, so many people are flipping their shit for no good reason. Wanting a video’s plot to make sense is a reasonable desire. It’s valid to criticize a video for being cliché or promoting stupid ideas.

          As for IQ, you’re not stupid for liking certain porn….but you all Are very stupid and have shown that with your mindless, hypocritical responses. Saying “jut don’t watch it” is the dumbest thing you can say. Yes, don’t do things you don’t like, no shit Sherlock, everyone already knows that. Why would you think he would watch the video again? Or are you saying that he should have not watched it in the first place?…..Think for a second, how can someone know if they will like a video or not if they Haven’t watched it yet? You’re demanding that people be psychic and know what a video will be about without watching so that they can not watch it if they don’t like it….makes sense.
          And for how much you guys mindless repeated “just don’t watch it”, you are the ones who should just Not read the comment section if other people’s opinions makes you this angry. You can know if you get upset at different opinions and make the choice to avoid the comment section because of it.

    • Hai says:

      This is particularly the reason why there are many logic in our world. logic is one of them. Don’t even try combining our logic with logic.

    • Kevin says:

      It’s quite simple you scrub. ;)

      When he stop time he can decide who and what stay *active* and who and what is *Frozen*

      When he stop time the girl body still work like it normally do she just cannot speak, it’s like a part of her brain is shut off while another part is still very well active, so yes she get wet even if she say no her body say yes.

      Since he stopped time all the *Pleasure feeling* stack up and stack up until he reactive time for her and then, all the pleasure is release in a single second.

      No matter who you are if that happen any woman would cum right away so yes this logic make sense and would totally work.

    • fuck off says:

      For fuck sake, its porn you idiot, animated porn no less. You really think there’s any reasoning behind it? Fuckin hell, shut up and fap or just leave.

  5. Elephant says:

    Got to love that toungue stuff he did at 12.00 XD
    Like a pro.
    My Opinion: Great quality ; great story ; great music ; zero logic –> 10/10 in this genre
    Aside from that it was a little bit too cruel for me :/
    I love tons of russporn.rus and my favourite genre is tentacle but this got me sad going towards the end and I stopped watching…..
    Maybe today wasnt the day to watch this :( (
    Still good stuff. Keep it going

  6. russporn.ruboy says:

    This animation is so good man

  7. Bobjones says:

    The guy is completely meh but the girls are really hot, especially the older sister. The animation work is great too.

  8. Boop says:

    The massive amount of blood is a real turn-off, it’s like they’re both on their periods.

  9. Luca says:


  10. Logical Juan says:

    Isn’t this technically incest?

  11. MiaMia says:

    love the story and background too much, but don’t you think raping his half sisters was a bit on the strange side to you?

  12. Noshit says:

    Hey perceptron were just here to watch fake girls get raped because we know it’s fake we enjoy it because nobody’s actually hurt rape is horrible in real life but in it’s great besides arnt u insulting Ursula by just counter arguing your own arguments all the time besides of course it’s not fucking reSlistic it’s a fucking go watch real,porn if u want to madturbate to something realistic but let the rest of us do it in the peace of u cock sucking motherfucker bitch so just shut up and go away!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kadiz Etrama D.Raizel says:

    It’s fun reading comments of people here.
    Made my day hahah continue arguing I’ll grab some popcorn. >.< V

  14. nigh says:

    this was surprisingly good H anime.

  15. UnverLvai.Vertan says:

    lets be honest i dont know about backstory but if you have timestoping watch and still virgin. man instings comes first :d

  16. Erogemaster says:

    Funny how nobody is talking about the visual novel here. Like they already played it.

  17. Foxdash says:

    LOL hahahahahahahahaha!!!
    i’m dying! i can’t stop laught!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    i’m laught so much!!! best end ever!!! muahahahahahahahaha!!!

  18. bigdikmik says:

    he actually did it, the absolute madman

  19. PevryLich says:

    not ?ing this H-anime but he does know hes fucking his sisters right well half sisters as those 3 share the same father with him i would say being the oldest.

    also if he had time stop wouldnt he just go after hsi dad and punch him repeatedly in the face set fire to everything like really he has the power to stop time not like anyone could say he was fleeing from the scene of a crime.

    also he does know DNA evidence is around and he jsut left huge pools of it in there mouths and vagagas wouldnt it be better to stop time clean them up then leave.

    so the themes of the H-anime are Incest, rape, gangbang and Fantasy (do to the time freezing).

    not saying the H-anime isnt good just saying it could use some polish.

    • Vivid says:

      Naa i guess that just slipped his mind when he was fucking his sisters really?For 1 how do yu know if they even have the ability to check DNA quit trying to add stuff in a 2 why do yu keep commenting on a that yu think makes sense3 months later. It said he wanted revenge on the most precious things of his father that not being just to his fathers objects which he can replace. Yu might as well say oh since he’s having sex with so many people he should be careful cause he might get a sexually transmitted disease idiot.

  20. Ace says:

    So this is how Dio spends his free time


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