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Gakincho Rape
You are going to watch/stream Gakincho Rape in English Sub/English Dub for free. Gakincho Rape is from the series .3D, Gakincho Rape. If you enjoyed Gakincho Rape please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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27 Responses to “Gakincho Rape”
  1. yohwann says:

    dat ballet dance was creepy as fuck!!! >.<

  2. Derp says:

    NTR warning (I think. Shit was weird), get out while you can.

    • Cid says:

      You dudes are weird. You click on shit like rape, yet cheating or forced cheating turns people off? I don’t understand the logic, bad breaks?

      • Jon says:

        To be fair, rape scenes and sex scenes look a lot alike if you turn off the subtitles. With NTR you have to visually feel the guy’s suffering which is a huge turn off…

  3. Maldonic says:

    I requested this lol but i want
    English subs man.

  4. Jason says:

    yeah, definitely should put out a disclosure for this

    • 4_Shakuras says:

      lol, like that would make ANY difference. Idiots come here just to bitch, complain, moan at anything they don’t like(or have politically correct friendly themes) anyway just for sake of it. And those titles already have tags.

  5. Tw says:

    Uncanny valley is so strong in this one. Especially for the rapist, freaks me the fuck out

  6. Polar says:

    Oh, didn’t expect to see this on here. Socrates’s stuff is amazing. Underrated unfortunately.

    I think Umemaro 3D and Socrates makes the best 3D

  7. Polar says:

    Also, subtitles when?

  8. Bader says:

    can anyone please tell me the name of the ost used at the end of the episode??? HELP!

  9. Ryuni says:

    Don’t loot at her eyes !

  10. C says:

    This is so friggin creepy…

  11. Seis says:

    If NTR is hardcore and i like does that make me a worse human being then the average guy that is here?

  12. DansGame says:

    The creep’s name is Ekop look him up on twitch.

  13. Jesus says:

    Wow, this CG style made my dick go limp faster than FDR’s legs after polio.

  14. svcy says:

    I like the style but the sex is just bad. I don’t like mind breaks, the girl’s not cute that way.

  15. B11 says:

    Realistic rape is like this. It’s torture and very suffer to victim.

  16. Polar says:

    pls upload Socrates’s other works!

  17. Poll says:

    does anyone know if there’s a sub made of this?

  18. Dafaq says:

    wtf did i just watch

  19. Meganeko says:

    EWW That shit is too much. He was soo disgusting looking. Must resist urge to barf.

  20. Johnny says:

    Fucking creepy

  21. Reaper says:

    Someone release this with english subs PLEASE


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