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Futabu! Episode 2
You are going to watch/stream Futabu! Episode 2 in English Sub/English Dub for free. Futabu! Episode 2 is from the series Futabu!. If you enjoyed Futabu! Episode 2 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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57 Responses to “Futabu! Episode 2”
  1. Ekkakub says:

    Very nice, cant wait for the next one

  2. Hut hur hur says:

    Hmm. Disappointed with the first lets see how this shapes up.

  3. nasharu haruka says:


  4. oz says:

    FINALLY !! Hope there are more ep. !! Anyone heard new about that ??

    P.S. i heard they are making “Dulce Report” into a !! Hope this is also true !! also, hope someone anserws to this……. lot of hopes here :) )

    • icewolf says:

      To answer the first question no. This is the last episode because it covers 3 chapters from the manga. All though they kind of combined two of them into one. I think it would of been better if they did 3 parts with two chapters each with the manga being 6 chapters long it would of spread it out better and had more depth. But sadly these are the only two.

      As for the second question on Dulce report I have no idea but wouldn’t mind if they did that. Really long manga and could get a series out of that, kind of like black bible.

      • Go-kun says:

        It’d be pretty long if they do both One and Two as well. Pretty cool now that I think about it.

      • Brandon says:

        Actually it’s been confirmed on bluebread blog that there is going to be a sequel episode as well as the introduction of a new character, they don’t always follow the manga and even if they do they can still make more base on popularity alone.

        • icewolf says:


          if that’s true then awesome!

          • Brandon says:

            / Here you go the whole sites in Japanese so if you can’t read it your gonna have to use google translate or something to read it. But it’s the post from the 4th of May just to give a heads up.

            • Wantsomemore says:

              Is there a way i can find out when they make a new one? I want to stay updated, and i really want to see a third episode, aso what is dulce report?

    • RXP45 says:

      Dulce report is one of my favorite and if its animated I would be sooooooo happy.

    • Brandon says:

      Where did you hear, or read this at cause I would like to look for myself

  5. pwj says:

    So disappointing. They cut SOOOOO much out compared to the manga. The girl cumming inside herself with the toy, and even the whole timeline is wrong….

    • icewolf says:

      Yea I know they should of split it to 3 parts covering two chapters each from the manga. But they left out a good scene and changed the rest. At least this one turned out way better then the last one and had the best scene of all with the bathroom scene between the two girls.

  6. WTF says:

    Wtf is with this type of I am all for, but people who get genuinly excited about this have something seriously wrong with them. That will be all

    • icewolf says:

      Dude everyone in the world has problems. No reason to bash about it. We all have different taste in why complain about it.

    • Go-kun says:

      And who are you to cast judgement? No better then the rest of us

    • says:

      Just because you’re not comfortable with something doesn’t mean that others who are comfortable with that something are messed up. If anything, you need to get over it instead of lashing out at others.

      • m0ng says:

        It’s a given fact that we have different tastes but “messed up” things are “messed up” no matter how you defend it.. Don’t get me wrong though.. I also like Futanari..

    • kellerme says:

      Guess what dude, I don’t like scat. So do you know what I do? I avoid it! Easy peasy futa squeezy!

      • True says:

        I didn’t liked futa at all. I still don’t like most of these content but Futabu is something different. I just like the style of this autor. He made a good job with this. I really enjoyed this series. Hope there will be episode 3 someday :)

    • Knocks says:

      If you’re here, you have no right to talk about anyone else.

  7. TacticalSalad says:

    Yay, it’s finally here!

  8. AHhhh says:

    wtf did I just watch

  9. Unkniwn says:

    LOL! I seriously just reaad this section in the manga before finding out that this ep was out :3

  10. Giesterfarher says:

    Wow. Those girls sure are messy. LOL!

  11. XDARKNEXUSX says:

    MY EYE!!!

  12. erochan says:

    boku no pico? :D

  13. Qwert says:

    Wow, she has cum cuming out her mouth lol wtf.

    • GunnerNii_ says:

      Yeah, supposed to be like butthole :3>ur long intestines>ur damn esophagus>mouth. the tastes good o_o

  14. Calamariman says:

    I’m glad this is the last episode. Hopefully, Yoshiten (guy who made Bible Black) will go back to making that has women with the same character designs in Bible Black (hopefully, with the same quality as episodes 5-6 of Bible Black). His latest works have mostly featured petite women with large eyes which was really boring, at least to me. I for one think he’s done enough futanari

  15. Franco says:

    I expect to this company adquired the license to make Dulce report, and pls not the company who maked Pandra.

  16. Lol says:

    nice ending song

  17. Zephyn says:

    Oh god yes!

  18. creampieluver135 says:

    geez, the prez went full on satsui no hado mode after getting hard XD

  19. Anon says:

    Love this site

  20. GrandmasterRyu says:

    So, the one with the smallest cock shoots the biggest load eh? Haha.

  21. oz says:

    when is the sequal going to be released ?!

  22. The 6th party says:

    I wonder Where the guys are secretly watching thm from

  23. Hainuwele says:

    11:24-28: Sumika keeps her dick buried in her own pussy? I wonder if she always walks around like that. I hope so!

  24. Panjul says:

    I’M Cuming

  25. (????? says:

    Can’t wait for the sequel on 2/20/2015! The preview/art is out and the setting is in the hot springs; it looks amazing!

  26. asdfg says:

    Came to fap, stayed for plot. Also ending is great

  27. Olivar says:

    These girls get more inflated than the economy!

  28. joestheguy says:

    This shits not even uncensored lol lameee

  29. boogla says:

    What?the drug that makes you wet is a yakult… i just tried it recently and ive been really wet -.- the irony

  30. creampieluver135 says:

    WE GOT SUBS!??!
    *grabs lotion*
    I’ve been waiting for this…

  31. Kagase says:

    Guys the first sex scene of this episode, does anyone know another where the girl throws up cum and her belly gets bloated?

  32. Some Guy says:

    It was at this moment 14:43 Sumika-san knew she fucked up.

  33. stepsis says:



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