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Euphoria Episode 2
You are going to watch/stream Euphoria Episode 2 in English Sub/English Dub for free. Euphoria Episode 2 is from the series Euphoria. If you enjoyed Euphoria Episode 2 please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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119 Responses to “Euphoria Episode 2”
  1. my nigga says:

    The ending sux. The VN was much better.

  2. WHAT says:

    that nigga just SHIT ON A BITCH

    hollllllyyyyyy shit

    nigga just dropped a deuce in her MOUTH

    and she ate it


    i am laughing so hard i am going to cry

  3. huh says:

    hmmm thats it?
    There is a loli character and a hot-teacher character and they do nothing?

  4. HOLAY says:


  5. Thanks Japan says:

    This is disgusting. My faith in the human race has died even more. What a rotten world.

    • Da_Harem_King says:

      Wh…..why? This is a perfect example of a that consists of survival,plot,torture,rape,suspense,game. Only those who are interested in these genre are the only ones who are supposed to watch this? And imo this is good. Plus, this isn’t even real. So why do you think that this would apply to the real world? No man no. If this ever happened, i will go fucking rage mode and fuck the one who made the game >:D. But i see your point though. Btw, i’m just sharing my opinion.

      • Really? Lmao says:

        For me if this happened irl I would not at all go rage mode.
        I would just do what this guy did lol. Why rage? Would be like a gift lmao

        • Wut says:

          you do realize the reason we watch this is to fap (insert lenny face here) you dont say you watch porn to do it in real life like rapes and stuffs we only watch this to fap not to do this kind of thin LOL

        • 4_Shakuras says:

          If anime makes you rage, you need serious help. That and finding a different hobby.

  6. Damn... says:

    wtf did i just see?

  7. Not a Regular says:

    I don’t know much about the world so I don’t know if this is the author original ideal or not; it’s interesting and kept me watching but the story is too similar for me to not point out.
    So I don’t know if Euphoria authors is a fan of Bakuman (A Manga), or if Bakuman author came across this series. I don’t know which came first but Bakuman have something that have the same idea as this in their later season.

  8. HeQueen says:

    It is my first time to watch Horror……………
    The ending was awesome and the story is unique.

  9. porfufo says:

    watch the end of it after the credits

  10. DrGonzo says:

    This is probably one of the most despicable forms of I’ve ever seen. It’s extremely unpleasant, even for someone like me who loves BDSM, Electro-play, and masochism.

  11. AnimeK says:

    episode 3 next month

  12. PussyDestroyer69 says:

    Gawd Damn! i said i want a rape not some sick fuck series that will make you throw up after eating..this is sick!

  13. ahahahah says:

    after the credits is where the real shit is i enjoyed it

  14. Omg says:

    Woah man. I skipped the scat, but jesus watching him lose his mind to pleasure, to the point where he lost all sense of his humanity…..
    I almost wish I had kept form cumming till the end.

  15. kontol says:

    “A” class indeed , great quality of picture and story, the other should follow this as example

  16. touame says:

    I wonder if I am the only one smiling while watch this?

  17. SatchPangit says:

    Seriously? A 3rd episode? But all of the other girls aare dead not to mention that the male MC is totallg broken.

  18. sting elle says:

    that was totally superb !! i pity kanae though she looks somewhat like .. enjoying ( a little :3 )

  19. AkaiKurai says:

    I like how most people are like ew, wtf, or disgusting. Then you see that this is one the most favourited of all time on this site

  20. black loud says:

    Darm!!!this is sick.


    Worst and most pathetic piece of shit, with worst and sickening fantasy ever, dog ass fucker kei. Hate this shit character the most! He deserve to die!

  22. Ezkrela says:

    Holy shit! she eat that Psycho’s shit on the shit hole of his shit. Freaking Bullshit of Horse shit.. xD Ahahaaaa!!!
    I dunno.. I dunno why there such a scene were you going to eat a… Mutated Lahar something.. xDD

  23. Takeru says:

    I mean lol wtf man at the end i realized holy shit, like they all died doing some bullshit with this guy, drowned, head cut off, electrocuted, wtf lol am i the only one laugjing

  24. So good says:

    This is probably my favorite of all time.

    I’m not trolling either, excluding the taking a shit part (skipped) every other scene was 10/10. Good sound, most of the time the forced sex doesn’t sound forced, and the girl likes it too fast.

  25. HeavymetalmakesmeOrgasm says:

    Note to people who this this is sick then so watch something eles you fucking ass wipes!
    why are you on a hetai site to begin with if you dont like it dirty?

  26. sexylibra303 says:

    Me personally feel that this is an awesome, and yes I have to agree with some of you, Yeah the shit part was over the top and was weird, so with that being said if you feel that this is too disgusting for you to watch then why are you on here to began with? I say that this whole series was awesome and gets the people thinking on what’s about to happen next, and may I say WHAT A WAY TO END IT NEVER EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN AT ALL.! Way to go ????????????????????

  27. RaurosFalls says:

    This is like one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Why is this top-favourited?? Not making any sense. I mean, the only value to this is just the sort of interest you have in watching a horror movie, but how can anyone like this??

    • Da_Harem_King says:

      Only those who have mature minds and extreme fetishes like these are the ones who are going to completely enjoy this. Don’t let these kind of things get to you, just watch it with ease and don’t think about anything. Just watch for the sex scenes and you’ll be fine, don’t think of the plot,character’s emotions,disgusting personalities. Set all of that aside and enjoy the “HENTAI”.

  28. Desti says:

    wtf moment O.O

  29. Alyssa says:

    Liked it overall except for the scat. My pussy went dry after that lol.

  30. Never says:

    I don’t know anything about this but this has been bothering me since Episode 1…
    Is the guy a good guy or masochist? I mean it’s really bothering when you don’t know anything about the

  31. D-man says:

    Yo…. this is some serious shit. Some people have the nastiest fantasies.

  32. wolf says:

    YES MORE MORE!! THAT IS MY NEW FETISH! looks like I am fucked up like that guy

  33. the Sexinator says:

    Raped….. rofl

  34. Yeppers says:

    There was a time in my life when I open my eyes.. There’s the fucking bomb dropping on her Mouth of what the fuck is she doing…

  35. Noob says:

    Just here to tell you all that after the credits there is something even worse waiting. All the people are focused on the shit, but the after credit scene is what really fucked me up…

  36. NoobOFallNoobs says:

    is it bad that I find this to be hilariously funny I couldn’t stop laughing

  37. Poseyyddon says:

    This end is much sad, much much much.
    I expected a good life for both in the new life. But… It’s disgusting… I hate the girl with the coat in the end, she is a ridiculous fucker.
    I don’t have a word to describe this end… The middle is very good, perfect, nice. But this end… horrible… The pregnant girl not deserve this…
    All people is sick for this end.

  38. Who says:

    What a Crazy BIATCH

  39. nigga says:

    cut his balls off and feed it him and then let him get bannged from 100 niggas with bigblacks dicks coz this isnt a human

  40. Jay says:

    See, that’s a rookie mistake. Turn up the current and you’ll stop your heart. You’re supposed to turn up the VOLTAGE. The difference is like water pressure (voltage) versus water volume (current).
    And someone get the piano player under control, yeah? Sounds like they’re getting electrocuted too.
    10/10, would nitpick again.

  41. GANTZ FANS says:

    I am glad to see Kei Kuruno again. hahhaha young version.
    I did not know Kei was doing these before gantz!

  42. mr you dony know says:

    i hate that men he is so sadistic thats not what real love is you know fuck the woman you love all way out anyway this is the darkest ihave watched


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