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Boku no Pico Episode 2 Pico & Chico
You are going to watch/stream Boku no Pico Episode 2 Pico & Chico in English Sub/English Dub for free. Boku no Pico Episode 2 Pico & Chico is from the series Boku no Pico. If you enjoyed Boku no Pico Episode 2 Pico & Chico please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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36 Responses to “Boku no Pico Episode 2 Pico & Chico”
  1. H-Lover says:

    LOL…. you guys actually decided to put this in. I dont know rather to THANK you guys or something else

  2. captloki13 says:

    Goddamnit PENIS!!! I said NO!!!!

  3. SinIsSin says:

    “Don’t tempt me Frodo! I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. Understand Frodo (or whoever upload this), I would use this Ring (what ring?) from a desire (lol) to do good. But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.”– gandalf the ge..gray

  4. Crimsyndevil says:

    Just because the animation director/character designer is done by Yoshiten doesn’t mean I need to watch this!

  5. TheK1 says:

    The episode that took me down the rabbit hole of yaoi. I keep seeing people rage over something like this but I’ve always thought those were people who didn’t even know what was because I’d tell them “believe me, it gets a lot more fucked up than this. You don’t even want to know what they do to little girls.”

  6. ladyboyfan24 says:

    my penis is confused and yet having fun

  7. Free says:

    Yay~ I finally get to watch this! Ive read rumors, it seems to be the best worst one out there! Thanks for the upload~

  8. Free says:

    It’s not so bad if you keep telling urself that they’re futanari… datte they’re drawn with a girl figure… machigainai… they are definitely futa… Fk who am I kidding.

  9. Anime weed says:

    So yo watch your 8 year old brother get fucked by his best friend, and all you do is masturbate too it?

  10. Anime weed says:

    This was actually pretty good

  11. wtf says:

    oh my god

  12. What Am I Doing Here says:

    People: Don’t watch Boku no Pico. Me: TOO BAD.
    Oh my god. Don’t watch it. xD

  13. NO.JUST.NO says:

    HELL NO!!! This is wrong IN SO FUCKING MANY WAYS. Those fuckers didn’t say what this was all about

  14. YaoiGirl says:

    This is just- so amazing. :3 You guys know, this is about finding who you are, I mean….. it’s not that bad. It’s a good :D

    • TwinRazor651 says:

      Bullshit just because they turned gay doesn’t mean they find themselves chico would’ve been straight if pick didn’t give him a blow job and make Chico bone him.

  15. light21 says:

    Ha gay

  16. Ka?ík says:

    There is tentacle with little girls, there are tons of raping movies, tons of orcs and goblins group raping girls, liters of blood in these movies… But you say Bocu no Pico is wrong? Actually, it’s quite nice. I know those boys are kids, but they both enjoy it. I have seen about girls screaming for help and bleeding alot… And in the comments no one said it was wrong. Something is wrong with people.

    • KonekoxGasperlove says:

      Thank you! People complain about how it’s gay and it’s little boys, but it’s consensual. No one is being raped because either party could have said no if t hey didn’t want it. Nobody bats an eye when it’s rape, just because it’s straight, but I guess today’s society thinks it’s fucking sexy as hell when someone is screaming for help, bleeding, crying out in pain, obviously not wanting it. I’m glad I’ve found someone that agrees that this isn’t messed up, at least not as messed up as other stuff. I get that some is not for everyone, but this isn’t some kind of atrocity that ruins people’s lives.

  17. khainedagon says:

    This was so fucked up it was amazing i pride myself on enjoying the most sickening of things and this definitky hitsbthe to twenty

  18. says:

    The fact that people actually enjoy this kind of is sickening. I don’t know why the Producers produced such Child Pornography. I know this isn’t the only I’ve seen where there is little kids. For example; little girls getting raped by monsters or goblins; some even have the girls screaming out for help and how they don’t want it. Ugh, What scrutiny, I am ashamed of what this world has become.

  19. Unborn says:

    Dam I am a guy and still find this some what pretty F°°° Hot $

  20. Dis077 says:

    I know this is yaoi but, I still think it would have been awsome for Pico and Chico to have double teamed the sister.

  21. DFK says:


  22. DF003 says:

    I’m jus shocked tht they can kiss better than me LOL

  23. Bad says:

    These comments are the best lol. More entertaining that whatever I was watching.

  24. Yuukihira Soma says:

    THIS IS………….WTF IS THIS??????!!!!!! i only know the masturbating with banana part but Pico and Chico WTH ARE YOU DOING??!!!

  25. Alucard says:

    Oh, i come here? Whats this? Boku No Pico? Ok.. That famous anime , oh ok.


    Fcuk. Pause

    (Im girl, and its make me turn on.. wet damn =__=)

  26. Di3go says:

    Is it wrong to have a boner while watching this? Cause im a dude and for some reason i m liking this

  27. aweeeki says:

    Better to f**k the lonely lady

  28. Hakurei says:

    …ermm…. uhh….. hmm…. okay i have no idea what to say…

  29. Kirito2090 says:

    Agh I didnt actually mind it . I actually didn’t even react much heck I’d watch the rest of the episodes if i can find them

  30. Number 42 says:

    as part of the one percent of ladies who enjoy, I approve of this, so long as I can live with the illusion that these two are 18 yr old twinks.


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