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Boku no Pico Episode 1 My Pico
You are going to watch/stream Boku no Pico Episode 1 My Pico in English Sub/English Dub for free. Boku no Pico Episode 1 My Pico is from the series Boku no Pico. If you enjoyed Boku no Pico Episode 1 My Pico please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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94 Responses to “Boku no Pico Episode 1 My Pico”
  1. dreon says:

    Fuck iwss wondered what is buo no pico , wh3n i was in the shop they said ,after that they were launghing like afool and i ask them what is that kind of anime …..after i see shit dmn i dont know .or how say it but hmmmm its very hurts in my eye god what is this……

    • russporn.ruking says:

      Man i enjoy boku no pico. I am not gays. Pico is a shemale for me. That why i can enjoy this I mean this is a anime not real porn and pico srsly look like a girls. Still pico voice actor was a female. I just dont feel like I was watching gays sex. This is a shemale dicks got sucked hard for me. Love it lol:))))))))

    • dmi-kun says:

      yall are no matter what you fap to yaoi porn.

      don’t lie to yourself!

  2. momo110 says:

    So fucking cool

  3. captain obvious says:

    people act like this is some kind of horror show but really all this is a Yaoi video and there’s nothing really scary or creepy about this

  4. Nikaido says:

    It’s an anime like any other anime. The online diference is just for 18+. Some people may consider this is a taboo or like any other porn movie but is not. It’s an anime for people who see more then just the sex scenes and for those who don’t get horny or dominated by they’re sexual needs.

  5. ???? says:


  6. PONYOO says:

    this is my first time…………….watching anime………………. gay anime.
    I think it was really really creepy, strange,ugly. May be I can’t watch this type of anime, ………….. not anymore

    • ohmahgawd says:

      this probably was strange to you because it was a shotacon yaoi, try watching just normal yaoi and maybe you’ll like it better.

  7. Re-Do says:

    when pico grabbed the scissors i got like realy scared because i thought he was about to cut of his and i quote “ochinchin”

  8. Bad says:

    :L First time watching this, but I’ve seen Futabu, TSF, and more so…yeah. People are a bit too green if they get messed up over this. Instead they should be losing their minds over that Orc trash.

  9. yaoi lixo says:

    caralho man q porra e essa estou traumatizado quero arrancara meus olhos

  10. PicoIsTheBestCharacterEver says:

    Awesome anime.Everyone should watch it.Highly recomended watching when eating or when fucking your friend.

  11. Ochinchin says:

    this anime is basically for people who are interested in the taboo. not because of sick fantasies or some pedo-like nature. I personally love any gay and taboo anime. yosuga no sora is one of my favorite anime and one of the most taboo, mainly because incest is “frowned upon” by society. but just because i look at it, doesn’t mean I’m gonna wanna do my brother or that i condone it in RL.

  12. Hooro says:

    Cuidado perigo não vê esse GAY GAY.

  13. Sero says:

    I like and a bit of guy/guy action, but I’m getting really sick of all the high-pitched gasping Pico and other mostly female characters make when gasping. Bloody hell, it’s irritating. The whole trap thing is getting old too.

  14. Hmmm says:

    This is old news. I watched this show last year and it was cool. How they take away the older guy from this episode is pretty funny if you think about it.

  15. Low says:

    My grandma came in…
    And I switch the tab to real human porn..

  16. gays sucks says:

    why are the only guys in this movie

  17. PEDOFILO says:

    Q porra eu acabei de ver

  18. IN-CHAN says:

    Fuckkkkk yeaa im puke

  19. IN-CHAN says:


  20. IN-CHAN says:

    Q porra acabec

  21. bobby says:

    im only watching this because everyone seems to be talking about it.

  22. Subarashii says:

    Milo Yiannopoulos’ first time

  23. yaoitrash08 says:

    I really love this Yaoi porn..
    It was one of the first few Yaoi anime that has great porn.. Who cares if Pico is a trap?? He looks so great with everyone.. Maybe some people here are just close minded that they bash it so much.. This whole anime gave justice to its manga ver.. ????????

  24. HLover says:

    The Legendary Joke…

  25. RedDamned says:

    hahaha just watched pewdiepie’s reaction video

  26. Marksidian says:

    Hey yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! LoL

  27. ????Cherry-Boii???? says:

    Piko:We can’t do it here.
    Mokkun:Why not?
    Piko:Because sand is gonna crawl it’s way up my ass, and I ain’t having that shit.

  28. Terror says:

    Infinite Loli porn everywhere, yet people hate on this because of “pedophilia” It’s because it’s “gay” you damn hypocrites.

    Oh to live in a world without liars.

  29. Jjay08 says:


  30. actually a woman says:

    ive been coming here all these years just to enjoy this and the small handful of other yaoi or male focus titles. please don’t shut down the site!


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