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Seem that you all have realize this already but if you want to know more why this happen search “jan 19 megaupload” on google and you see that the government of US have shutdown all of the MEGA sites and all our megavideo source are down! If anyone of you want to help by re-uploading video for us in any porn video hosting site please reply or you can start right away by signing up/posting reply with link to new source on the episode that’s down.

All Mega Source are DOWN!
You are going to watch/stream All Mega Source are DOWN! in English Sub/English Dub for free. All Mega Source are DOWN! is from the series .H Stigma News. If you enjoyed All Mega Source are DOWN! please share it with your friends! Note that this video is hosted on a third-party video sharing website, and not affiliated with russporn.ruStigma or it's server.


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19 Responses to “All Mega Source are DOWN!”
  1. anon12321 says:

    you could use

  2. matt says:

    oh no SOPA has BEGUN

  3. twisterase says:

    Seems that i will have a lot of uploading to do from here on out.

  4. redxiv says:

    GL to our uploaders >.< and tyvm for all

  5. lastchaosmit says:

    damit sopa chase the pig rape the pig what the fuck scheiss amis do something ToT ;)

  6. firej47 says:

    dam….. its all obamas fuilt ……

  7. Sasaki-san says:

    ill try to upload some i have but some of them are spanish subbed if theres no problem with that then ill upload em, if there is then let me know, aslo if no one has a problem with it ill try to make a list of wich russporn.rus/episodes are down just tell me where to post em (i just made the account to help so i dont know much lol)

    • ToT says:

      All you have to do is search megavideo or megaporn on the search box at the side and you’ll find the broken video. I’ll make a list and post it up later tomorrow if you haven’t already made one. Also thanks for the help.

      • Sasaki-san says:

        i see then its easier than what i was planning to do (looking up every uploaded at the A-Z list LOL) i got time so ill make it.Aslo the videos i will upload will be from SlutLoad if anyone has a problem with it or a better site let me know

        • Sasaki-san says:

          ugh.. nvm i will upload from another site this one is giving me problems, as anon12321 said ill try with xvideos.If anyone got a better idea of where to upload tell me

  8. NOO says:

    dammit when i heard the commotion of megaupload i knew this would happen T__T

  9. walte says:

    why use putlocker they dont have limited time of watching videoa

  10. devilscorner says:

    admi ToT can u please reupload the other videos bec i really want to watch them

  11. Sasaki-san says:

    ToT have you heard about megaupload returning but from a different country?

  12. Dark Zero says:

    guys why the panty flash teacher have been removed in userporn?? can you reupload it?


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